Savings Tips on Vacation to Istanbul Turkey

Savings Tips on Vacation to Istanbul Turkey

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Istanbul is one of the most visited cities by many tourists, both wealthy tourists and mediocre backpackers. There are so many tourist attractions offered by this trans-continental city, ranging from the beauty of architecture, food, as well as interesting local traditions. Of course, backpacking abroad definitely requires a large budget.

But don’t worry because in this article, I will discuss the Tips for Saving Holidays to Istanbul Turkey. For all of you who want to travel to Istanbul Turkey, some of these tips might help you!

1. Learn Turkish

This tip is the most important. Not all Turks can speak English, so it’s a good idea to learn some common Turkish vocabulary and sentences. In addition, also learn sentences that are commonly used for buying and selling transactions so that you don’t have trouble when you want to shop.

2. Choose a flat instead of a hotel

If you plan to stay long enough, it is better for you to stay in a flat which is located a bit far from the center of tourist destinations. This is because the price of hotel accommodation in Istanbul Turkey is very expensive. Therefore you have to stay in a flat to be able to save expenses.

You can rent a flat unit with complete facilities along with two bedrooms at a price of around 1000 Lira (± IDR 2,300,000) per month (not including electricity, water and gas costs). If you are backpacking with friends or family, you can join forces to rent it. More is better!

3. Have an “Istanbulkart” Card

This card is a must-have item if you want to travel around Istanbul at an affordable price. You can buy this card from a yellow machine similar to an ATM which is usually found at train stations and bus stops. Enough with 10 Lira (± Rp23,000), you can have this card forever and you can refill it when the balance runs out. With this card, you can enjoy all modes of public transportation in Istanbul easily and cheaply. The price for one trip is only 2.60 Lira (± IDR 6,200) per person.

4. Shopping for groceries at the traditional market

Traditional markets are one of the best places to find much cheaper and fresher groceries. Armed with the vocabulary you’ve learned, you should feel how fun it is to shop while interacting with the locals who are very friendly. Especially when they find out that you are Indonesian, they will welcome you.

5. Choose the Right SIM Card

Unlike in Indonesia, which has many providers, in Turkey there are only three provider companies: Vodafone, Turkcell and Türk Telekom. All three have different offers and prices, so it’s easier for you to customize a SIM card that fits your finances and data consumption.

6. Cleverly Buy Souvenirs

It doesn’t feel right when you go for a walk, don’t buy souvenirs for your family and friends in the country. Many vendors in popular shopping centers such as the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market sell their wares at “tourist prices”. Well, if you want to find a shopping spot with “local prices”, several weekly markets such as Ortakoy Weekend Market or Fatih Wednesday Market can be your choice.

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Those are some saving tips that you can do when traveling to Istanbul Turkey. May be useful!

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