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If asked to choose a photo spot on the southern coast of Java, compared to the tip of the roof tile, Santolo, or Rancabuaya, I prefer the Sawarna area. Why?

Because Sawarna has one of the attractions of the beach which is very good if used as a photo. What’s that? Wave!

Never play with the sawarna waves. Life can be at stake. Or at least, the camera will be the victim. I was told by local residents that there was a group of photographers who were desperate to get into the middle of the reef, suddenly a big wave hit and damaged the camera. Luckily the person survived.

Sawarna can be reached via Ratu Harbor, from the terminal there are elves directly to Sawarna, with a note before 12 noon. After more than that hour, we have to take the elf to the bayah, then be connected by a motorcycle taxi to Sawarna.

Sawarna is not the name of the beach, but the name of the village. The famous beach is Tanjung Layar Beach. So named because there is a very large rock, with a height of about 20 meters more.

Lodging in Sawarna is relatively more expensive than other ‘wild’ beaches. The average is 100 thousand rupiah and is in the form of a homestay, the rate of which is not calculated per room but per person. Made us spend more money.

But I anticipated that, so I brought a paraffin stove and some groceries. #poor

Sawarna is very beautiful, the beach is very kayaking. There is a fine sand like ciantir beach or lagoon pari. There are also many coral reefs such as Tanjung Layar beach.

Me and mas fathur in action!
huge sail rock!

The conclusion is: I’m not satisfied with Sawarna. Next time will be better!

ps : All shot with canon 5d, wide shot with 17-40 (have andre), tele shot with tamron 70-300 (have mira) #gakmodal 😆

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