Scary and Makes You Baper, Here Are 7 Recommendations for Romantic Horror Movies – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you weekend-nya, it must be fun dong, yes. Well, to make it even more exciting, Mimin will bring 7 recommendations for romantic horror films that are scary and make you baper. The merging of these two genres will further add to the interesting and unique side of these films.

Then, the audience is not only made to get goosebumps but at the same time excited by the scenes that are shown. What are these romantic horror films? Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Edward Scissorhands (1990)

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This romantic horror genre film tells the story of Edward who is the product of an old professor’s creation who is almost close to perfect human form. However, the professor had already died when he was about to replace Edward’s hand which was still a pair of scissors.

Until one day, there was a woman named Peg who served as sales of cosmetics and beauty services to the castle where Edward and the professor lived. At first, Peg was surprised to see Edward’s hands which were not like humans in general. Instead, he wanted to help Edward and invited him to stay at his house.

Then, the longer Edward harbored feelings for Peg’s daughter, namely Kim. Until in the end, this happiness had to be forcibly taken away with many problems that came and went.

The film, starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, presents a simple love story, but memorable. Edward Scissorhands is a successful film getting a positive response because the atmosphere is very lively and makes the audience melt with the plot.

The Eyes (2002)

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This romantic horror film from Hong-Kong has the original title Gin Gwai. The Eye tells the story of Mun who was blind for 18 years and received a corneal transplant.

However, suddenly he saw a mysterious figure dressed in black and other creatures that often haunted him. Gradually, Mun realized that he had inherited his vision from the corneal donor. So, you can see the future and what kind of terror will happen.

Then, Mun asked Dr. Lo, who is a young psychiatrist to stop his vision, because it is very disturbing. Then, what is the next story? Don’t forget to watch, OK!

Thirst (2009)

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Thirst is a South Korean romantic horror film. The film tells the story of Sang-hyun, a Catholic priest who volunteers at a hospital. He is highly respected because of his strong belief and high dedication during his time as a volunteer. However, Sang-hyun suddenly turns into a vampire due to a strange illness he suffered recently.

Until one day, he meets a new member of the church and his wife, Kang-woo and Tae-ju. He is attracted to Tae-ju, and vice versa. However, his illness requires Sang-hyun to seek shelter from the sun. Sang-hyun asks Tae-ju to run away together and kills Kang-woo on Tae-ju’s suggestion. Later, he handed over his body at a house near the lake.

The story of this affair continues, as Sang-hyun doesn’t want to live alone. Therefore, he bites Tae-ju’s neck in order to become a vampire like himself.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

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This romantic horror film also tells the story of a pair of vampires Adam and Eve, who must maintain their love affair, despite the many obstacles. During this time, Adam showed a very large effect on the development of the world through his works.

Adam lives alone in a house and works by composing funeral songs. His whereabouts are unknown to anyone. He lived his life in a very sad and gloomy atmosphere, and was very obsessed with the promise of death.

Meanwhile, Eve lives in Morocco for several years and only communicates with Adam by phone. However, he was worried about Adam’s condition and decided to follow him. Then, live a life full of love. Until in the end, Ava, Eve’s sister, came and tested how strong the love story between Adam and Eve was.

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Crimson Peak (2015)

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Next, namely Crimson Peak from the United States. This romantic horror film tells of Edith Cushing marrying Sir Thomas Sharpe. The feeling of love that grew between the two of them was very strong and nothing could beat it.

The husband and wife then moved from New York to the family home of Sir Thomas Sharpe. Edith became suspicious of the house and suddenly remembered her mother’s warning about ghosts. He decides to start investigating the mystery of the ghost in the house as well as the Sharpe family background.

Then, how the continuation of this film? Don’t forget to watch it, Friend Zone. Because, this film is very tense and makes you curious about the plot.

Nang Nak (1999)

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This romantic horror film comes from Thailand and is said to be based on a true story. Nang Nak tells about Mak who will be sent to fight in a war and has to leave his pregnant wife, Son.

However, things change when Mak returns home and sees Nak with their child. This is because, one of the residents said that Nak had died while giving birth to their child. So, what Mak saw was the ghost of his beloved wife.

Mak is increasingly fascinated by the ghost of his wife. However, Nak’s life does not go smoothly when he also finds out that he is dead. After that, many events kept coming every day.

The Fly (1986)

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And the last romantic horror film, The Fly. This film tells the story of a scientist named Seth Brundle. He has the belief that all the findings that have been found can change the world.

Then, he attends a party and tries to lure a female reporter named Veronica and manages to have a very romantic romance. Until one day, Brundle is jealous of Veronica’s ex-boyfriend and decides to drink the liquid he found.

However, more and more feathers and insects grew on its back. He also turned into a terrible monster. What do you think Veronica will do when she sees her husband’s terrible change? Don’t forget to watch, OK?

Scary and Makes You Baper, Here Are 7 Recommendations for Romantic Horror Movies

That’s a review of 7 recommendations for romantic horror films that are scary and make you baper. Have a great Sunday!

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