Scott Morrison faces coup as ‘betrayal’ PM blows up by his own side – ‘Bully’ | World | News

Speaking in the Senate on Tuesday night Senator Fierravanti-Wells used parliamentary privilege to call Morrison an “autocrat and bully” who “stabbed his enemies in the back and lacked a “moral compass”. Fierravanti-Wells also attacked Immigration Minister Alex’s “consigliore”. Hawke.

He said: “In my public life I have met cruel people. Morrison topped the list, followed by Hawke.

“Morrison is not fit to be Prime Minister and Hawke is certainly not fit to be Minister.

“He was adept at running with foxes and hunting with dogs, had no moral compass and had no conscience.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Morrison was forced to respond to Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ claims.

During a media blitz to sell the budget, the Prime Minister accused the Liberal Senators of being a loser.

He said: “There is a lot of disappointment in political life and you know, when you become Prime Minister, people hold you in charge of a lot of things.

“There were 500 members who came together. I wasn’t there.”


to Ms Wells’ statement, Grace Tame dug in again at Mr Morrison.

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Tame shared an image of Morrison and Houston at the 2019 Hillsong Conference, and snapped himself into the photo, using an image of his tense meeting with the Prime Minister at the Houses of Parliament in February.

He captioned it: “He said we’d see Hilltop Hoods.”