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Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon criticized for making ‘threats’ to NATO | World | News

Professor Azeem Ibrahim, a former foreign policy adviser to the Biden campaign, said Scottish independence posed a “threat” to the NATO alliance, arguing that this was something Putin had “nothing more to see”. The main reason Scottish independence would be so damaging, Prof Ibrahim said, was because of the SNP’s policy of removing the nuclear deterrent – something he said would cause “total chaos” on the global stage.

Speaking to, the foreign policy expert said: “I used to work as a foreign policy adviser for the Biden campaign, and one of the things I try to convey to them is the real threat Scottish independence poses to the NATO alliance.

“Britain’s breakup would be Putin’s gift.

“He just wants to see the great power of NATO in Europe break up.

“This will put our nuclear deterrent in chaos, as it is the recognized policy of the SNP to remove nuclear deterrents from the Scottish coast.”

He added: “I briefed the Biden government on this to try to make it clear that we must be alert to emerging threats and I believe since the Ukraine crisis erupted these threats are actually much more real now and much more evident than they were in the past.

“Remember that the UK is one of the main ways of providing a nuclear umbrella to Europe in the NATO alliance.

“So it’s all going to be in complete chaos.

“This will be Brexit times 100.”

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The move came in response to what Putin called “aggressive remarks against our country”.

But despite the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the SNP remains committed to removing Britain’s nuclear deterrent, the Trident.

The party’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, repeated this commitment in early March, rejecting the idea that nuclear weapons serve as a successful deterrent to nuclear war.

Confirming that the party’s position has “absolutely not” changed as a result of the war in Ukraine, he told the Press Association: “There is a threat to the world from nuclear weapons.

“The idea that having nuclear weapons provides deterrence that eliminates the threat is absurd, to say the least.

“The Scottish SNP government is very clear that an independent Scotland, among other things, will seek to become a member of NATO.

“We will be with our friends or partners in the Western world, and we want to make sure that we take our responsibility for defense and security like any other independent country.”

But when asked if he thought an independent Scotland would be eligible to join NATO, he said: “I think NATO made it clear that they are trying to work with those who apply for membership.”