SEA Aquarium Singapore, Guess the Fish Name! (Get Cheap Tickets)

do not miss SEA Aquarium Singapore when traveling to Singapore! Read my experience of seeing cute fish in this giant aquarium complete with a guide on how to get there, how to get cheap tickets, and take a look at the photos!

How to get to SEA Aquarium Singapore

SEA Aquarium Singapore is located at Resort World, Sentosa Island, just like Universal Studios attractions. To go to this aquarium, you can take the MRT to HarborFront Station (VivoCity).

Later you will arrive at VivoCity Malljust go up to the 3rd floor to continue the journey on the commuter train named “Sentosa Express”.

The ticket price for Sentosa Express is SGD 4. There are three stops – Resort World Station – Imbiah Station – Beach Station.

Well, you stay down at Resort World Station (less than 5 minutes) and just follow the directions to walk all the way to the SEA Aquarium.

how to get to the sea aquarium
Stations at VivoCity

SEA Aquarium Singapore ticket price

SEA Aquarium Singapore ticket prices are SGD 41 (13 – 59 years), SGD 30 (4 – 12 years), and SGD 30 (60 years and over).

I suggest buying the ticket through Klook only, the price is much cheaper, for adults only SGD 36children and seniors aged 60 years and over only SGD 26 only!

Isn’t that great save SGD 5 per person. Then you will get a ticket on line so no need to queue to buy tickets on the spot.

You can also come face to face with cute dolphins with an additional ticket for SGD 15.

Update October 2020: Due to the Covid-19 situation, the number of visitors is limited so you must book a date in advance through the official Resort World website.

SEA Aquarium Singapore operating schedule:

  • Monday and Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 9am – 5pm
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Closed

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Experience visiting SEA Aquarium

On second thought it was my first time visiting a giant aquarium. Usually when you see fish you like it right away snorkeling not in the sea, hehe.

But yes, while you still can’t traveling in this year and I happen to be stuck Also in Singapore, it’s better to just explore domestic tourism.

SEA Aquarium Singaporewhich stands for South East Asia Aquarium, is the second largest oceanarium in the world which holds more than 100,000 fish.

When you enter the SEA Aquarium, in the first part there is a tunnel with translucent glass so you can see various fish passing by.

Really good! There are manta rays, sharks, other types of fish whose names I don’t even know. Feeling again divingtry to stop for a moment on the edge and look up.

SEA Aquarium Singapore, Guess the Fish Name! (Get Cheap Tickets)
SEA Aquarium Singapore, Guess the Fish Name! (Get Cheap Tickets)

Different zones with characteristic oceans around the world

Each zone is adapted to their native habitat which is spread all over the world. In total there are 10 zones, including the seas around Indonesia such as the Java Sea, South China Sea, the Malacca Strait.

You know that Indonesia is located in the world’s coral triangle, underwater biodiversity around Indonesia is very important for the balance of the ecosystem that we should protect.

There are also zones with fish species in the Andaman Sea, Red Sea, Bay of Bengal, and others.

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sea ​​aquarium singapore

Watching colorful jellyfish

My favorite part is the jellyfish! There are four different aquariums featuring different types of jellyfish as well. The lighting in the aquarium changed colors as if the jellyfish had changed color.

Did you know that jellyfish are 90% water? Some have long tentacles, some are cute like mushrooms, similar to the stingless jellyfish I saw on Lake Mariona, Togean Island.

Jellyfish also vary in size and live at different depths as well. Even according to research, jellyfish have existed from ancient times.

It was like being sucked into a different world when I watched the jellyfish floating in the water. Sometimes the color that should be clear turns red, green, blue, purple. It’s like looking at the stars on a dark night.

colorful jellyfish
Jellyfish at SEA Aquarium

beautiful jellyfish
Jellyfish with long tentacles

Watching dolphins playing

You can also find animals that are known to have intelligent brains at the SEA Aquarium. The movement is agile around the pool.

Every now and then the dolphins play with each other, chasing each other and spinning in the water. These mammals are also very friendly. Occasionally they approach the glass as if greeting the visitors.

If you want to play with these dolphins directly, there are sessions or packages or special sessions that you can take with an additional SGD 15 ticket.

Singapore aquarium dolphins
Dolphins in Singapore aquarium

Open Ocean Tank, a giant aquarium!

Here it is, a giant aquarium that holds perhaps thousands of species of fish! You could say the main highlight of SEA Aquarium Singapore.

Manta rays gracefully swam, small fish scattered everywhere. The hammer shark swam nonchalantly. At the open ocean tank you can try the unique experience of eating at the Ocean Restaurant restaurant with a direct view of this giant tank.

Guess the fish

In addition to entertaining, a vacation to the SEA Aquarium can increase knowledge too. There are a lot of fish that I didn’t even know about before. It’s also fun to guess with family or friends.

FYI, the first time I saw seahorses in person, it turned out that they were really mini. Guess what, the photo below is what kind of fish.

fish in sea aquarium

SEA Aquarium Singapore, Guess the Fish Name! (Get Cheap Tickets)

SEA Aquarium Singapore, Guess the Fish Name! (Get Cheap Tickets)

See sharks up close

At the last part before the exit there is another tunnel, but this one is dominated by sharks! Yep, you can see this predatory fish up close without fear of being bitten.

There is one type of shark, I don’t even know what it’s called, but it’s white and very long, it just sits in a corner and doesn’t move. There is also one large shark that looks aged with its sharp teeth.

how to get to sea aquarium singapore

I didn’t think that this aquarium was this big. Right now I’m writing on my blog, I just found out that SEA Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, even the second in the world after China.

If you are on vacation in Singapore and plan to go to Sentosa, you can visit this aquarium as well as Universal Studios.

Because I’ve been to Universal Studios before, after SEA Aquarium I took the “Sentosa Express” to the Beach Station stop and sat at the beach club there.

There are several beaches that you can visit on Sentosa Island, such as Siloso Beach or Tanjong Beach. The beach is just so simple, if you compare it to the beaches in Bali, you may still lose.

You can also rent a bicycle to get around Sentosa Island or try the route trekking provided, as I did on Pulau Ubin. Sentosa Island is not too big! I’m satisfied playing there all day!

That’s my experience vacation to SEA Aquarium Singapore, complete with how to get there and also the price of the entrance ticket. Hopefully the information and photos can inspire you to visit this tourist spot!

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