Sentul Bidadari Waterfall and Info on Entrance Ticket Prices

Where do you want to have a good vacation, how about going to Angel’s Waterfall? There we can see beautiful scenery and waterfalls, the main thing is that the nature of tourism is still very beautiful. It is located in the Bogor area where we know the area is very distinctive with a cool natural panorama because there are many mountainous and forest areas.

Curug Bidadari Sentul has become one of the interesting tourist attractions to visit for local and foreign tourists. In fact, almost every day this tourist spot is always crowded with visitors, especially during holidays it will be very crowded with tourists from various directions.

Bidadari Waterfall Route

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Curug Bidadari tourism, which has a large waterfall, is located in Mekarbuana village, Tegalwaru district, Karawang regency. For those of you who are interested and want to go to Bogor to travel to the location of Curug Bidadari, especially from Jakarta. Visitors if riding a motorbike can pass through the Jagorawi toll road and exit through the exit of the south Sentul toll road. After that, when exiting the Jagorawi toll road, you will meet a fork and immediately take the left lane that leads to Sentul Nirwana.

Well then it will be continued through neat streets, you just have to follow the path and don’t forget to always look at the Google Map application as a guide. For those who don’t want to go through the toll road, they can go through the Jakarta-Bogor highway and take the Sentul alternative route.

Meanwhile for those of you who travel from the city Bekasi and Cileungsi then you can go through the Gunung Putri highway to go to Citeureup and then go straight until you reach the T-junction of the Sentul circuit. Stay on the road until you get to Babakan Madang, when you reach the fork in the Babakan Madang market, take a right turn.

And we will arrive at the Polsek to turn right so that we pass a small tunnel and can follow the directions to Curug Bidadari. Around tourist sites for visitors from out of town, don’t worry about where to stay, because there are many hotels and inns.

Ticket Price Info

For prospective tourists who intend to visit Curug Bidadari, in order to enjoy the waterfall there, of course, have to pay a ticket price. Meanwhile, to visit the waterfall the money spent is very affordable and you can get around to see the beautiful nature.

Entrance ticket price for weekdays: IDR 25,000
Entrance ticket price for holidays: IDR 30,000

– The ticket price is per visitor / one person.
– And the entrance ticket is valid for ages from 5 years and over

Opening hours (Operating Hours): From 06.00 – 17.00

Curug Bidadari Sentul is open every day, so visitors can go there whenever there is a chance because it is open from morning to evening. Plan a vacation there right now!

Myth of Curug Bidadari

Being one of the interesting waterfall attractions, Curug Bidadari is large and very wide. If you go there you will see a high waterfall and there is a pool that is usually used for bathing tourists. But the pool also has a waterfall so that the waterfall has up to 7 levels, you know.

Rainbows often appear around this waterfall, making local residents believe in the origin of the name Curug Bidadari. The myth of the rainbow is believed to be a bridge for seven angels to bathe in the pool. So based on local stories, that’s where the origin of this waterfall bath became the name Curug Bidadari.

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Beautiful Photo Spots

angel waterfall photo spot

In the area near the waterfall is also available spot make beautiful and beautiful photos for tourists when they want to capture tourist moments at Curug Bidadari. With a waterfall background and views of the protected forest hills, it is very distinctive. No wonder many like to post their photos to their Facebook and Instagram social media.

It turns out that the management has thought about the place for this photo carefully, with the result that the waterfall background and the green protected forest attract people when they see it on social media.

Moreover, songs about food, there is also provided the name Saung Kuliner. So for those of you who feel hungry, you don’t have to look too far. For food and beverage needs in the Curug Bidadari area, Saung-Saung Kuliner serves a variety of dishes there.

So, that was about Curug Bidadari Sentul and info on ticket prices, I hope this article adds insight for readers. Thank you so much.

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