SEO is Important for Branding. Niagahoster and DQLab Share the Benefits and Tips Here!

Search engine or search engine play a significant role in the performance of a website. Data from Brighthedge Research says, 68% experience on line someone starts from a search engine.

Website which has a good performance will also strengthen branding and make the business more recognizable. As well as platform other digital, in order to have good performance in search engines, website need to be developed and optimized. The most common and simple step is to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) website the.

Service provider company web hostingNiagahoster, in collaboration with DQLab, an online data science learning platform, held a talk show with the topic “SEO Optimization and Data to Improve” Brand Awareness Business”.

This topic was presented by Annisa Widya Davita, Public Relations Officer of DQLab, and Annisa Fauziyyah, SEO Lead of Niagahoster, and attended by more than 90 people from various backgrounds, such as business owners, internet marketers, students, IT activists, and the general public.

Apart from adding website exposure in search engines, SEO optimization has many other benefits. What is the explanation? Let’s talk about it in this article!

Raise traffic organic

Hubspot said, 75% of internet users do not miss the first page in the search field. This means, the first page of a search engine is a strategic place to attract people’s attention on the internet.


itself is an investment branding long term for business. With the help of SEO, website will not only be hidden in cyberspace, but accessible to a growing number of people.

“SEO optimization is long term. So, the better the ranking website on Google, it gets bigger too traffic organic matter that we get,” said Annissa Widya.

Website More Accessible

Website with good SEO will have greater visibility in search engines. The simplest way to get started with SEO is to insert keywords

main and chain keywords suitable for business on website.

Example: Eid cake business → CAKE (main keyword) → Eid gifts, nastar cakes, hamper (keyword chain)

Implementing SEO with keywords will make it easier for visitors to find website with various keywords.


Data from Brightlocal states, 76% of consumers trust online review as well as their trust in a friend’s recommendation. In customer journey (customer journey to buy products) in the digital era, customers often look for review and information about products and brand in search engines. At this point, website take an important role to become an easily accessible and trusted source of information for customers.

By having a digital page in the form of website quality, SEO friendly, will certainly make website more accessible to customers. Business credibility will also increase if a website contains official information, complete, accompanied by access speed, and maximum display.

Seeing the many benefits for businesses, of course this is the right time to start SEO optimization in Indonesia website your business. According to Anissa Fauziyah, Niagahoster’s SEO Lead, to carry out activities branding with SEO, there are 2 simple things that must be prepared: 1)

Keyword research; 2) Content.

1. Keyword Research

The right keywords will direct potential customers to website right. To do keyword research, you can start from understanding the business or product being sold. After that, see volume search for that keyword.

“In addition to knowing the specifications of the products being sold, business owners must also understand who the market/customers are. So, the keywords generated will be right on target and reach the main market. If we don’t know our customers, it’s difficult to determine keywords.” said Annisa Fauziyyah.

The keyword research step can be done using several tools such as: Google Trends, Google Console, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and others. Business owners can insert selected keywords into content websiteit’s good for copywriting on the page landing pages, blogs, and the ‘About Us’ column or company information.

2. Content

Annisa revealed, SEO plays a large role in the stages consideration (consideration) / convince customers in choosing a product on brand certain.

The right content, found at the right time, will speed up customer buying decisions. Here’s a guide to the right content types for each stage customer journey:

  • Awareness (brand awareness) → Informational
    (informational content in general)
  • Interest (interest in brand) → Navigational (information content about the product brand)
  • Considerations (consideration of buying) → Commercial Investigation (call to buy content)
  • Conversation (purchase) → Transactional (content about product advantages)

For beginners, be sure to do basic SEO on-page such as: changing the title to be SEO friendly, filling meta descriptionsimplify permalinksedit snippetadd images, optimize access speed website, and others. Anisa added, so that website have good SEO performance, website should be audited regularly.

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