Shade Cushion Make Over, Suitable for Indonesian Women’s Skin!

Shade cushion Make over consists of many shades that have been adapted to the skin tone of Indonesian women.

Cushion is one of the most popular products in Indonesia recently. Besides being practical, cushion products can also even out facial skin tone and provide nutrients to the skin. If you are looking for a cushion, Make Over has a variety of Make Over cushion shades that you can choose according to your skin tone.

Make Over Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion is a Make Over product that is able to provide up to 10 hours of resistance. Almost the same as other Make Over products, this cushion is also dominant in black.

The texture of this cushion is also quite thick and just needs to be tapped for better results flawless. Interestingly, this cushion will not dry out the skin with a semi-matte finish that looks natural when used. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, it’s a good idea to know the Make Over brand cushion shade first.

N10 Marble


For this shade, this is the right choice, like a wise expression of love for those of you who have neutral undertone. Shades this is suitable for those of you who have skin with a tendency yellow undertone and fair skintone.

W22 Warm Ivory

If you have skin with warm undertoneit’s good you choose shade this. Shades this will make you look brighter. This is because shade it’s brighter than shade reserved for the owner warm undertone other.

W30 Crme Beige

Shades This is for the owner warm undertone. Shades This is suitable for owners of light skin tones. You can use it for your daily make-up look, because it’s durable and won’t make a putty impression.

W42 Warm Sand


For you owners warm undertone who have darker skin, this Make Over cushion shade is suitable for use. Color shade this one is quite dark and more brown compared to the others. You can use it without worrying about looking gray.

N30 Natural Beige

Shades N30 is intended for skin with neutral undertones. Shades This is suitable for the owner yellow undertone which will look natural and flawless after use. So that it doesn’t look gray, it’s a good idea to try using it when you’re at the counter offline Make Over.

C21 Pink Ivory


Shades This is for the owner cool undertones. Shades This Pink Ivory has a lighter color and can be used for owners yellow undertones. Shades it will not make the face gray and more durable when used.

W33 Honey Beige

W33 is shade from the Make Over cushion which is intended for owners of warm undertones. Shades this is suitable for yellow undertone and has a darker color. Even so, you will get results make up which is more natural.

W41 Coral Sand

Shades This is also for the owner warm undertone. Shades It has a bright color and suits all undertone. You will look brighter and for natural results you can use powder with a darker color.

N50 Tan

Shades it has a darker color and can be used by owners of neutral undertones. Although the color is quite dark, shade This is suitable for all activities that make the face more beautiful flawless.

C51 Cool Tan

C51 is shade reserved for cool undertones. Shades it has a darker color in comparison shade another C series.

Knowing the shade cushion Make Over will make you not make the wrong choice and turn your face gray. You can try it first so that shade selected according to the skin color of the face.

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