Sharena Delon talks about COVID-19 alone, it’s hard to see children crying because they are separated


In accordance with the government’s advice, for those who feel symptoms of COVID-19, they must immediately separate themselves from their families who are healthy and do not feel symptoms. This was done by Sharena Delon when she began to feel symptoms even though she had not been tested for COVID-19.

On her social media, the wife of actor Ryan Delon revealed that she was in close contact with one of her crew who commuted. At that time, he was forced to not wear a mask because of filming needs, Mother.

“Starting from last Tuesday, when our routine test schedule was at home with PCR, and one of the crew the return trip was positive, he also missed out. I’m the most close contact shooting, of course without face mask full mask even when we sleep, even though the rest of us are still negative,” Sharena Delon said.

After three days, Sharena also began to experience symptoms. He had a headache, until the next morning, he was sure he was infected even though he had not been tested again. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, and body aches.

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“Yes fixed… I’m isoman right away. The independent salivary test was direct + (positive), others still – (negative). Yesterday I tried to sleep all day because it seems the peak symptoms came out yesterday,” said the mother of two children.

One house then decided to test again after Sharena tested positive for Corona through a saliva test. After two PCR tests, Sharena still tested positive, while her children and husband were negative.

Once confirmed positive, Sharena Delon also claimed to have prepared mentally since experiencing symptoms. However, her heart was still heavy when she saw that her children had to be separated from the room, especially her youngest child who kept crying.

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