Shhh! These are tips for safe and comfortable sex after having children from Dr Boyke


Having sex is part of the expression of a couple’s love. That is, do not consider sexual relations only from orgasm. Instead, what is enjoyed is the process. That’s what Doctor Boyke said in Instagram Live HiMotherTuesday (15/2/2022).

Hmm.. do you agree, Mother? Similarly, when Mom and Dad already have children. They, the children, are not an obstacle for couples to be able to have sex safely and comfortably.

According to Doctor Boyke, there are indeed differences in the quality of a couple’s sexual relationship before and after having children. However, he also always gives the same advice to couples who already have children, but want to have quality sex.

“That’s why I often say to Mothers and Mothers. Hey, Mothers, when your child is two years old, teach them to have their own room. They are told to decorate themselves, have their own bed.”

“If our child doesn’t want it, doc? Yes, we need to move (from the room). The key (the room). Because when you have sex, you’re nervous, afraid that your child will wake up. If I want to have an orgasm, I want to scream, what about him? The orgasm is not enjoyed, the quality of sex has decreased,” he said.

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However, Boyke understands very well that all parents must love their children. However, give them a place like a room, but don’t forget to accompany the child before going to bed.

“But I want it to be with Mother, why do you and Dad keep going? Okay, sleep with me first,” he said.

After the child sleeps, then rush to the room and lock. dr. Boyke also guarantees that children who have fallen asleep will wake up if there is a sound that is too loud like lightning. Even if you wake up and knock on the door, Mom and Dad still have time to change clothes.

“Because if you have sex it looks like the kids, it’s not good. It traumatized them. My experience at my clinic, there are many cases such as difficulty having sex, the name is fear, because they have seen their mother ‘tortured’ by her father in pain,”

“So please, Mother and Father, give the children their own room for your beloved children. ‘Duh, why just make sex, until bikini room’ Not that problem! That’s for harmony! The second, for the independence of the child. The faster he has a room, he has independence,” he said.

Children will have their own privacy, have their own ‘kingdom’. Children will feel not only riding in their parents’ room, but have their own room that must be kept private and clean.

On the same occasion, presenter Nadia Mulya, who has four children, shared her tips based on her personal experience. Read the continuation on the following page.


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