Shiver! The Resident of the Forbidden Floor at the Jakarta Binus Campus – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you? Hope you are up and healthy always. Sans is back again with a horror story that will surely make you curious. Well, this time Sans will review a horror story at a well-known campus in Jakarta. Especially if not Bina Nusantara University alias Binus Jakarta campus.

This private university was established on August 8, 1996. Previously, this campus was a short-term computer education institution called Modern Computer Course which was established on October 21, 1974. Since its inception, the Binus campus has continued to strive to develop and improve the quality of its education.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this one hits campus is the favorite choice of every student. Not only that, the twists and turns of the dynamics of lectures until the students are very interesting to study. Especially about the horror stories that surround the lives of students on the Binus campus.

Call it the forbidden floor to be precise in Binus Square near the Binus Anggrek campus. The floor is said to have a thick mystical impression to the appearance of invisible spirits that have been seen by students. Especially the story about the terrible grave on that floor.

Well, so that Zone Buddy is no longer curious about the figure of the occupants of the forbidden floor on the campus. Come on, let’s just start the story Sans. Eh, don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

A quiet night, a student sits alone in a campus corridor. Looking down reading a book while wiping the snot out of his nose.

He wore a neat plaid shirt suit, complete with shiny shiny hair like wearing pomade. Her name is Eza, a new student who is said to be geeky and has no friends.

Every now and then, Eza glanced left and right to make sure there were other students. No, not confirming but waiting for the student he considers a friend. His name is Yesa, the ideal student for women.

For 30 minutes, Eza sat pensively reading her romantic novel by the famous writer Jane Austen. He rolled his eyes a sign of boredom that was hitting Eza.

It was almost 9 pm, but his friend Yesa never showed his nose. Instead of leaving, Eza took out his powerful weapon to get rid of boredom, especially if it wasn’t headset.

For a moment he listened to his favorite Japanese songs. Suddenly, Eza stood up, straightening his folded shirt. He shoved his right hand into one of his trouser pockets and started walking down the corridor.

The atmosphere was desolate, making him feel a little chill being alone in that place. Because he didn’t want to stay there for long, Eza decided to wait for Yesa for another 10 minutes before he left the place.

“Yeah, you’ve been gone for too long. I’ve been waiting for this, where are you now?” Eza chat sounds to Yesa.

Not long after, Eza was surprised by the vibration of a message notification on her cellphone.


“Za sorry first, I still have important business,” replied Yesa.

“Oh come on, I’ve been waiting for half an hour, finally in PHP hmm,” Eza grumbled.

Eza immediately carried her backpack out of the building. Shortly after walking down the corridor, he was again startled by the vibration of his cell phone.


“What is this!” he thought as he opened the notification that appeared on his cellphone screen.

Turns out it was just a YouTube notification from his favorite horror channel that reads ‘The Mystery of the 12th Floor of the Jakarta Binus Campus’.


“Well, I’m on the 12th floor, what the heck, I’m so nervous!!” said Eza harshly.

As if he didn’t feel it, Eza’s dripping sweat turned cold. Likewise, his body suddenly felt goosebumps, even though there was nothing in that place.

He lifted his head, saw the writing elevator up there. He ran quickly, pressing the button elevator to the 1st floor.

He looked around, only silence accompanied him on the floor. He bit his lower lip hard, a sign that Eza was really scared right now.


The elevator door opened, Eza entered and pressed the button again. He rubbed his chest and said ‘Alhamdulillah’. Then Eza switched to playing on her cellphone for a moment, checking every incoming message.

Eza slightly glanced at the direction of the button elevator who was still on the 9th floor. Somehow he felt like someone was standing behind him. Eza who is standing in front of the button elevator that, slowly turned around to confirm.


“Who else is with me now, I really don’t bother you,” he said shakily.

Eza who panicked again pressed the button elevator repeatedly. For a moment he bowed his head and closed his eyes, praying that he would not meet such a thing as a ghost.

Eza’s mouth was muttering like chanting a number of prayers. Not long after, the door elevator back open.


Eza stepped out elevatorbut in fact…

“Oh!! How come I’m on this floor again!,” said Eza in surprise.

Yep right, Eza returned to the 12th floor which he said was called the forbidden floor. He wondered why he had returned to that floor, even though it was clear that Eza had pressed the down button to the 1st floor.

Ignoring his surprise, Eza quickly pressed the button elevator return. After waiting a few seconds in horror, he entered and quickly pressed the button to close the door elevator.

His breathing became increasingly irregular, Eza felt more and more tightness in her chest because it felt stuffy. He felt the tense atmosphere again when he opened the door elevator open. With wide eyes, Eza saw something in front of them.


Tut.. Tut..

Eza bit her finger trying to contact her friend Yesa. Zone! He was alone on the forbidden floor. Previously, Eza realized that he had returned to the 12th floor of the Binus student dormitory.

However, what he saw made Eza scream hysterically. The hit student dorm turned into a graveyard!


Eza’s heart felt like it was about to burst, watching the sight of the grave in front of her.


No.. no..

Eza pressed the elevator button roughly. Right behind him, he felt a ghostly figure standing in front of him.

Trying to dare to look back, Eza glanced out of the corner of her eye, she saw a long-haired figure waiting in line behind her.

Eza couldn’t turn her head, her eyes watered like she wanted to cry. He closed his eyes while praying to God to help him.

When he was reading a short surah, suddenly the door elevator back open. Suddenly Eza was shocked to see who was there elevator the.

“Za,” a man’s deep voice broke Eza’s concentration.

“Oh God, I’m still alive and safe, Yes,” said Eza in a relieved tone.

“What are you talking about? Yes, it’s still alive. Btw what are you doing here alone? I’m looking for more,” replied Yesa.

“I don’t know, behind Sono there is a grave. Come on in elevator again,” he said hastily.

“Hah?! What a grave woi, silly you there’s nothing too, “continued Yesa.

Instead of believing, Eza just looked away and immediately entered the room elevator. He just looked down when he saw the door elevator started to close.

“Why did you leave? It’s just like that, after being chased by a ghost,” Yesa joked as he patted his friend’s shoulder.

“It’s true Yes, I don’t want to come here anymore. I’m tired of meeting that,” he said.

Hearing that, Yesa was silent, remembering that the rumors of mystical stories on the floor were true.

Moreover, it was not only Eza who experienced the terrible incident, but also other students who experienced a similar incident.

From Eza and other students who complained about the existence of astral beings on the floor. Finally, this floor was vacated because of the many student complaints about mystical stories there.

Shiver! The Ghost Inhabitant of the Forbidden Floor at the Jakarta Binus Campus

Hmm, I don’t know if anyone believes this story or not. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Eza? If there is, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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