Shooting tutorial using Handy Cam

Filmmaking can be done professionally or as an amateur. The process of making films, both professional and beginner level, must understand and understand a number of shooting techniques.


The method of using the camera in taking pictures of objects related to the size of the image that fills the composition of the camera frame space. In a simple way, there are 9 points, the following are common shooting sizes:

  • 1. BCU (Big Close Up) / ECU (Extreme Close Up) is taking pictures with a maximum focus on certain objects, for example 1 full face 1 screen.
  • 2. CU (Close Up) is taking pictures of the head as a whole.
  • 3. MCU (Medium Close Up) is shooting with the object head to chest.
  • 4. MS (Medium Shot) is taking pictures with half the size of the body.
  • 5. MFS (Medium Full Shot) is taking pictures with a size of from the body or up to the knee.
  • 6. FS (Full Shot) is a picture taken with the size of a whole body from head to toe.
  • 7. MLS (Medium Long Shot) is a full-body shot against a backdrop that supports the scene.
  • 8. LS (Long Shot) is the same as MLS with a wider field of view.
  • 9. ELS (Extreme Long Shot) is shooting from a distance position so that the object looks small with a clearer background.

If you want to be more complete in shooting variations, you can read the previous post which discusses in more detail about videography in this article

Taking using this technique, you can add variety to a video, so it looks more professional.

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