Side Business Ideas For Office Workers

Often as an office employee we are not satisfied with the salary we get, right? Even saving is still a difficult thing for us to do, in the midst of a dense lifestyle that must always be fulfilled. Especially for those of us who migrate in big cities. High income is not a guarantee that our every need can always be met. Until not infrequently, many employees choose to invest their money to open a side business.

A side business doesn’t have to have a shop or produce its own goods. But a good side business idea must really use the money it works well, turning the capital into profits and vice versa.

Until this side business idea appeared in the midst of someone busy being an employee in a company. It doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, allowing them to do side businesses outside of their main job at the office. Then what is it? Here is a side business idea that is suitable for you to choose as a side business for office employees:

side business

1. A side business that doesn’t need to be bothered, selling electric pulses and internet packages

The most done and the easiest to get profit. Even though it doesn’t always produce big profits in one transaction, the side business of selling electric pulses almost makes transactions every day.

electric pulse side business

Anyone with a minimum capital of 100 thousand rupiah and a cellphone, an employee is able to run a business selling electrical pulses. For those of you who find it difficult to find business opportunities, try this electric pulse business.

But there are things that must be considered when you want to do a side business by selling electric pulses in your work environment or your own friends. Often we are “reluctant” to collect credit payments from a friend who bought but has not paid. Until not infrequently many people who choose to close their business because of losses.

2. Do you like to cook? You may need to try daily catering

catering side business

For those of you who like to cook but are also office workers, don’t worry about not having a place to share your hobbies. You can make it a side business opportunity for yourself. By opening a daily catering business, you can become your businessman.

Not a catering that provides lunch or food in large quantities such as for an event. But this time you can open a service for ordering birthday cakes, food for breakfast and also cakes for holidays.

From here you can spend and use the time after work or before leaving to create and work on this side business. Promote your business first in your work environment. It is indeed the most troublesome, but usually a food side business is one of the fastest turning out money, you know!

3. Writing services can be used as an easy side business!

writing services side business

Many business ideas can emerge from the hobbies that we have been pursuing so far. Including a side business in the form of writing services. You can open a writing service business, both for blog articles, website content, to classified ads. Those of you who feel like writing certainly don’t want your writing to be just like that, and don’t produce anything?

Well, this is one way. You can open a writing service business. With a fee that you can set yourself. You can start a career as a professional writer.

4. You millennials definitely want to do business online, right?

online business side business

This is what is widely used as a solution to overcome the financial crisis for most office employees. Yes, become an online businessman. You don’t just have to have your own product, let alone produce it yourself. With minimal capital, often without even a penny of capital, anyone can become an online businessman.

This side business only capitalizes on social media, a simple online store website and also the willingness to promote products on social media, your online business can successfully generate profits.

Now you can sell various products online. Starting from clothes, hijabs, accessories for women and men, bags, shoes and even electronic devices such as cellphones. Running an online business does require focus so that the results obtained can be maximized. But you can run an online business between your breaks as an employee, or when you come home from work.

In addition, this online platform side business has also been made easier by the existence of business places such as Bukalapak, OLX, JD-ID and so on.

Or if you want capital and use your own website, you can use hosting at Jagoan hosting, with 45 thousand you can have your own online store and already use Singapore cloud hosting which is super fast, but cheap and not cheap!

5. Laundry service is a practical side business opportunity

laundry side business

Busy activities make most office employees in big cities want instant things. This includes washing and ironing clothes. If you want to open a side business on the sidelines of being an office employee, opening a laundry service is one solution.

For capital, you can provide around 7 – 10 million to buy a washing machine and dryer, scales, plastic and iron. You can even hire an employee.

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