Sightings of an Old Granny with a Crushed Face at STIKOM Surabaya – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you today? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with horror stories that make you curious. You guys, Sans will take you to STIKOM Surabaya.

This university, which is located in Surabaya, was formerly known as the STIKOM Surabaya Institute of Business and Informatics. For now, the campus has changed its name to Dinamika University. This campus has many interesting stories about the dynamics of lectures so that there are mystical stories that also color the lives of its students. One of them is the ghost of an old, crushed-faced grandmother who is quite famous on the campus.

Well, so that you don’t get curious about the story of the ghost sighting of an old, crushed-faced grandmother at STIKOM Surabaya. Come on, Sans start the story. Eh, before that don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

While studying at this campus, Egi never encountered strange events or mystical things though. Until he entered the 5th semester, mystical events began to occur one by one in his life.

At that time, the first day Egi set foot after semester break. Egi’s smile grew after not seeing his best friend Andi for a long time.

Wow! more handsome ae rek“Egi joked.

Andi just glanced at his friend, then continued walking while holding his cellphone. Meanwhile, Egi was annoyed because his friend didn’t respond to his joke.

Egi’s first day was filled with busy lectures. Moreover, he had to attend three classes at once in a full day.

Gend*ng, on the first day of college wes sak mene akeh ehe grumbled.

At 11.00 WIB, Egi’s first class began. Initially, both he and Andi were enthusiastic about participating in the lecture. However, towards the next class, the second and third their morale began to decline.

After taking the boring first class, Egi went to the canteen to fill his rumbling stomach since this morning. There, he met a cross-departmental friend.

They were engrossed in talking about urban legends on the campus. There are many rumors circulating about some places that are said to have ghosts.

Some call it a peeping ghost, a parking lot pocong, to a bathing ghost. But the most famous is the ghost of an old grandmother who always roams in one of the campus rooms.

Egi had heard a story about an old grandmother who was said to be in the computer lab. Well, it’s been an old story about a teaching assistant aka asdos who saw the scary apparition.

Remembering the story made Egi’s hairs goosebumps for a moment. Moreover, he will be in the third class later in the room.

The main crook has to be quick, let’s go to college soon” he thought as he ate a bowl of meatballs.


His cellphone screen lights up indicating an incoming message and it turns out to be his class group. They were busy talking about which lecturer would fill the course tonight.

Rek, cronies of these courses are lecturers e sopo, right?‘ wrote one of his friends.

Yowes deloken kok ilo, why iso bothering to think,” replied another.

Skimming the conversation made Egi even more bored at campus. Not to mention, rumors that the lecturer who will fill the course later is the lecturer he doesn’t like.


His hand rested on his chin as he looked around. Apparently, Egi’s eyes were fixed on a room at the far end.

The room is a computer lab which is said to have the ghost of the old grandmother. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Egi’s mind was a little disturbed by the story. Moreover, he is a little sensitive to mystical things.

Yes, even though he can’t see one hundred percent, he can feel the presence of supernatural figures around him.

Wow, why don’t I feel good about ithe mumbled.


Egi’s cell phone again received a group message from his classmate. The class leader informed that the last class would be held at 19.00 later.

After he read the short message, he became more and more anxious with various thoughts. However, Egi tries not to think about things that haven’t happened yet. Yes, don’t let it happen, anyway!

After filling his stomach, Egi headed to the next class which was not much different from the haunted lab. Maybe only about three rooms away.

He glanced briefly at the room, as if something was pulling him there but he couldn’t see anything.

Gosh, sek clouds ngene wes ono devil ae“Egi thought.

Egi, who was standing quietly in front of the door, was suddenly startled by Andi’s voice, which came out of nowhere.

Have a short report here, let’s go to class“Andi said while patting Egi’s shoulder.

Anj”r surprised me. Hmm, iyo“Egi replied.

Ignoring the mystery of the ghost of the old grandmother in the room. Egi returned to focus on following his studies. He paid attention to every word of the lecturer until the class ended.

Around 18.30, Egi had left the class and was going to the next room. Although there was still about half an hour left before class, Egi wanted to make sure that the place was safe and there were no ghosts of any kind.

Calmly, he walked alone into the room. His other friends chose to pray and eat before joining the next class.

Meanwhile, Egi’s steps are getting closer to the room which is said to be haunted. The room was still closed, not a single student had entered it.

Right in front of the door of the room, a mysterious air began to be felt. Egi could feel a strange energy from the watchman who was there.

Hmm, it’s like I’m really short here ono the steward“Egi thought.

His hand hesitated a little when he was about to open the door to the room. But slowly, he reached out his hand to open the door.


The sound of the door that sounded a little scary managed to make Egi startled. He saw that the room was still pitch black and not a single student was there.

Wes jam piro iki, how come arek-arek don’t sing melbu class hmm‘ he said as he reached for the cell phone in his pocket.

Hadeh, the cellphone died, it didn’t gowo charger. bad luck“Egi grumbled.

After checking his dead cell phone, Egi put it back in his bag. Feeling bored, he sang a piece of his flagship song.

I miss you half to death

Really I want you to know

I miss you half to death~


He was startled by the sound of the chair suddenly shifting. Then, he immediately got up from his seat and checked his surroundings.

No, that’s the answer that came to Egi’s mind. There were only a few computers and chairs that were still neatly arranged like when he first entered the room.

Egi played with his fingers while glancing at the condition of the room. In a very quiet room, Egi decided to sing out loud so he wouldn’t be afraid if the guard there would disturb him.

I don’t know where the wind came from, suddenly a gust of wind hit Egi. In fact, before there was no wind at all. Egi, who felt increasingly strange with the situation there, felt like leaving the room immediately.

But, he remembered that he still had class in the room. The clock was already past 19.30, there was no sign of other students entering the room.

Wow! Why are Arek-arek, you don’t have a teapot, wes, it’s time to eat, even thoughhe mumbled.

Egi glanced back at the surrounding atmosphere, as if someone was glaring at him behind him. He wanted to turn to see who was standing right there, but Egi was afraid.


Cold air began to engulf the back of Egi’s body. His heart started beating erratically, it felt like he wanted to scream but it felt like something was caught in his throat.

In Egi’s mind, he recited the holy verses he knew. Slowly, he dared to look back.

One two three, bismillahhe mumbled.


Again, there was no one there, only him. Egi felt a little relieved, he wanted to sit down while waiting for his other friends.



Ouch! Sopo maneh sing deleh short chair here, protect uwong aehe grumbled.

Egi who stumbled back up, then glanced up ahead as if someone was standing.

Rek help me sneeze please,‘ asked Egi who was still sitting on the floor.

He was still wrestling with his shoelaces. Out of curiosity, Egi immediately looked up to see who was standing there and didn’t want to help him.

It turns out…


Egi screamed in fear, with stumbling legs he immediately ran out of the room. But he heard the low voice of an old woman.

I don’t know what the grandmother said, what was clear was that the voice made Egi turn his head back to the person standing there.

Egi’s whole body trembled at the sight of an urban legend on this campus. The old granny with a shattered face almost as if she had no face was in front of Egi’s eyes. Her legs felt stiff to the point of being difficult to move, she saw the grandmother who was wearing all white clothes smiling at her.

A typical grandmother’s smile that spreads to the ears. In fact, one eye almost fell out. Egi, who still saw the ghost of the grandmother, couldn’t move anymore. He wanted to scream but couldn’t.

Slowly the ghost of the grandmother approached him, until finally…



Andi exclaimed from the entrance, Egi who saw his friend in the doorway immediately ran and dragged his friend out of the room.

When leaving the room, Egi was asked a number of questions from Andi. He wondered why his friend dragged him all of a sudden. However, Egi did not answer and continued to walk towards the parking lot.

Egi’s very pale face made Andi very worried. Without asking again, Andi obeyed Egi to return to the boarding house.

A few minutes later, after they both arrived at the boarding house, Egi also told what he had just experienced. Meanwhile Andi just nodded listening to his friend’s story.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that Andi and other students also experienced a similar incident. Since then, both Egi and Andi have been reluctant to be in the room alone. Even this story was also spread among other students and many of them also believed in it.

Sightings of an Old Granny with a Crushed Face at STIKOM Surabaya

Hmm, whether anyone believes it or not with the story above. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Egi? If there is, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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