Simple but Beautiful House Fence Design Inspiration

The fence is one of the elements of the house that even though you pay attention to the shape and appearance. Because every ‘passerby’ will certainly see the appearance of your house, and judge it. In addition to making it look beautiful, the fence can also add a ‘comfortable’ impression to a house. Especially if you can come up with a good design. Until now, there have been lots of fence designs that you can choose from. Well, there are so many, sometimes you will be confused about which model to choose. Instead of being confused, here is a simple but beautiful house fence inspiration that you can try.

Everyone has different tastes. There are those who like luxurious minimalist fences, some are the other way around. Which one are you in? If you are a typical person who likes simple but beautiful house fences, then the house fence inspiration below is certainly very suitable for you.

stair model fence

The inspiration for the first fence is a fence that is partially shaped like a step. So, if you look at it at a glance, the model will look like a very well-made staircase. The simple and beautiful impression will really come out when you can combine the right colors. Like in the picture yes. Where, the selected color is gray with cream. The combination is quite perfect. Because it matches the color of the house. This fence has a size that is not so high, yes, it is not so far from fences in general. Interestingly, this one fence has two different models. So, the right side is made of a regular model, like a fence that can be shifted to open a gate, while the left side of the fence is made in the form of a ladder.


The second simple but beautiful house fence inspiration is the stick model. The name of this fence we made ourselves. Where, in the middle there will be three pieces of concrete made like sticks. With a blushing color, namely purple. While the right and left sides of the fence are made to form a rectangle. The color selection is pretty good. There is a purple color, then combined with gray and white, and black. What makes this fence look more beautiful is the small garden in front of it. So, right in front of the fence, you can see a small space in the form of a small ditch that you can plant with small flowers. The fence of this one house is very sweet. Especially with soft colors that combine with soft.


The fence model is an ordinary one, just lines. Even so, you can really find the beauty in the model. This is because the fence model is divided into two. Some are stripes and some are rectangular. Where, at the bottom it will be made a rectangle, then on top it is equipped with a fence in the form of rows that are not tight. The color chosen is black with cream. With a combination of black and cream, it turns out to be able to make this one house fence look simple but still beautiful in its way. And between the rectangular shapes was provided with soil. So you can plant plants, so the atmosphere is greener. Let the tree be fresh e.

with rocks

The striped fence does look ordinary, but once you can combine it with other fence forms, it will certainly make it look more extraordinary. For this one fence model, you can see for yourself its beauty. Which, the rocks are combined with a striped fence. While at the end given a different model. Namely, a model where to plant a unique flower with a rectangular shape. While the top is also given a touch of the usual fence model. So, you can use the space in the shape of the flower holder to plant some plants.

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Thus the inspiration for a simple but beautiful house fence that you can try. Let’s determine the model now, and get a different sensation of comfort when you can use the fence according to your wishes. Hope it is useful.

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