Simple preparation before shooting video shooting

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This is from personal experience when working in video shooting, so it is not merely a reference to more complete literature.

So that no shooting equipment is left behind, a Pre-rehearse checkout list is made. Among them:

  • Preliminaries (Check whether the camera is on? or need to warm up first)
  • Camera Cable (make sure all cables work properly)
  • Tripod, Camera mount
  • Viewfinder
  • Cable guards (serves to secure the camera)
  • Lens cap (lens cover), so that the lens is not exposed to dust, etc.
  • Focus (check if the focus is good)
  • Zoom (check whether zoom can run normally)
  • Camera Battery
  • cassette
  • Lamp( (Lighting )
  • Need Reflector or Not?
  • Microphone

What a cameraman should do after shooting is complete

  • Equipment check
  • Check if the camera is good like the state when it comes out of storage
  • Writing shooting activities on cassette casings
  • Submit the cassette to the person in charge of editing
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