Skylight Basic V1 Blogger Template Setting Guide

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Settings and Arrangement Skylight Basic v1 Free Blogger Templateis actually the same as setting a blogger template template in general.

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Download Templates

The first thing that needs to be done is to download the Skylight Basic v1 template, here I am hosting it on GITHUB. How to download you just click the button
Download Template on Skylight Basic v1 Release Page.

There I also explained how to download it.

Download Premium Free Blog Templates

Skylight Basic v1 Blog Template Installation

Usually there are two methods for installing a blog template.

first method i.e. open xml file
skylight basic v1 template using notepad, then click
ctrl + a to select all, then ctrl+c to copy or copy the template code and after that put it into the blog manually via the menu Theme or Theme> press
Down arrow icon > select edit HTML. by selecting all ctrl+a previous template, then directly ctrl+v

to put the template code that we copied or copied earlier which replaces the old template.

This method is recommended if your previous blog template is different from the template to be installed. The reason is so that the old template code is not mixed with the new one, which is intended to avoid errors after template installation.

Second method is by directly uploading the file
basic skylight template to the blog friends through the menu
Theme or theme > down triangle icon >
healing or restore.


This method is recommended if you install the latest version of the basic skylight template.

#Here I recommend you to backup the template that will be replaced before installing the template code

The method:

Login to “Blogger” > Go to menu “Theme

or Theme

Click the menu icon (triangle down)
Click “backup
or Backup
Click “Downloadh or

If you have.. it means congratulations, you have successfully installed

to your blog buddy.

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