Snippets on Google Search Increase Article Traffic

Examples of Google Snippets or Snippets

The picture above is an example of a snippet on Google Search, some people call it Google Snippet, this is different from this Google Snippet

{getToc} $title={Table of Contents}

Google Snipet

Yes.. even though there are people who mention it’s a snippet…

What are Snippets?

translation snippet

That’s right, Snippets are Snippets, and this is the same thing as “Snippets” which also means pieces of something that is considered important.

There’s nothing wrong with eating it… hehe, because both are the same pieces, or snippets or snippets.

Then what is the top snippet? It is an excerpt from an article on a particular website.

What is Google Snippet? yes, obviously because there is a google appendage, meaning it is an excerpt from an article on a particular website that was chosen by google.

And you know how amazing this is? yes… because it means 0 SERP POSITION.


If usually friends are chasing 1st position, then this is different.. crossing the line…


dramatizing your time… 😀

Do All Keywords have Snippets?

Not really, because some of what I typed… I didn’t find any snippets.. but when referring to certain keywords.. usually there is..

For example, how to or how to do … and so on.. even how to convert video there is also a snippet that can be seen there, which appears is a convert service provider.. hehe

Does that mean the snippet is not included in the SERP count?

My personal opinion… Enter..

I said it’s out of bounds, or 0, why am I insisting on 0? because it is different on its own, and more prominent than the others..


in ranking, of course it is the first order .. with a note * in certain keywords.

and usually not keywords that are not well known … or that are not widely searched for

So we can win in one keyword but maybe not for another combination keyword

style="text-align: left;">What is the impact of snippets on our Blog?

The impact that is most felt is the traffic on the article suddenly increases significantly.

Wow…that’s interesting…

That’s why I tried some old posts that suddenly became trending in Google analytics, apparently I found the root of it..

So perched on Position 0… POSITION ZERO

for some reason I really like it when we talk about ZERO.. hehe

because it has to do with REVIVE.

How to Tips to get in Google Snippets?

There are several recommendations.. Pay attention to article structure

Yup.. there are 3 keywords… please interpret ^_^

How long ago..


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