So, who wants to pay? – Student Zone – Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) senior economist Didik J Rachbini explained the journey of Indonesia’s debt from the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the reign of President Joko Widodo.

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Debt Rises Drastically

Illustration of debt that always rises (Photo: Bisnistempo)

According to Didik, at the end of his term in 2014, SBY left a debt of Rp 2,700 trillion. During the Jokowi period, then the debt skyrocketed.

“When SBY last led the shift to Jokowi, the debt was around Rp. 2,700 trillion. Mrs. Sri Mulyani yesterday saw her own data of Rp 6,336 trillion. So (up) 150 percent in just 5-6 years, debt for decadesby pass more than doubled,” said Didik.

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This debt has not been added to the debt of SOEs

Illustration of SOE debt (Photo: Portonews)

Didik added that the debt has not been added to the debts belonging to SOEs. Based on the data obtained, the position of SOE debt excluding savings and time deposits is in the range of IDR 2,100 trillion.

“So if you add Rp 6,300 trillion, then President Jokowi will now bequeath Rp 8,000 trillion in debt. This is a great achievement and it needs to be observed,” said Didik.

During the time of President SBY, continued Didik, the debt of state-owned companies was only around Rp 500 trillion. Currently, the debt has increased a lot.

“So now BUMN is a pile of debt, very much. If SOEs are given a mandate, just play around, the risk is a later matter. We are ready for the next president to receive a huge pile of debt,” said Didik.

This is because the government has increased the DPR’s debt deficit and has not budged. In the past, the widening of the state budget deficit from 1 percent to 2 percent required a long debate. Currently, said Didik, the state budget deficit reached 45 percent.

“Now he wants to, until the deficit is 45 percent. How much debt do you want? Now we only pay the interest of Rp. 330 trillion, not to mention the principal, so that we pay the debt in one year, which is a very large Rp. 700-800 trillion,” said Didik.

Jokowi Will Inherit IDR 8,000 Trillion in Debt To Indonesia, Friend Zone: So Who Wants To Pay?

Buddy Zone, that was the debt that Jokowi had given during his reign.

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