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What is the DEFINITION of a CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) in Indonesian means a Content Management System… it’s actually a ready-made website, all you have to do is install it and provide content, all the rules or regulations have been provided by the CMS Maker… Usually what can be customized is the template , and Plugins .. but all of them follow the rules or the rules of the CMS Maker’s game..
CMS itself is made using various programming languages, such as PHP (Personal Home Page; script processing programming language, or usually widely used to bridge between HTML and DATABASE, more to BACKEND or behind the scenes .. hehe), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language; language programming that focuses more on the FrontEnd in front of the screen that bridges all the languages ​​used .. for example there is PHP, Javascript, CSS ..) What is CSS? (Cascading Style Sheet; the programming language that governs the STYLE of the front page.. and it is closely related to HTML…
What is Javascript? Javascript is more to Interaction, interaction programming language and is a high-level programming language that makes web pages more dynamic.

and so, the point is, yes, CMS…. some understanding of PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT is a bonus… just think…

actually without you using CMS WordPress, for example, develop yourself using FRAMEWORK like CODEIGNITER, YIISYMFONI, ZEND, PHP FUEL, GENBISOFTPHALCHON PHP, SLIM, SILEX, CAKE PHP, Laravel d el el can also.. what is needed is the same.. HOSTING, yup…because…


Framework in terms of language can be interpreted as a framework in making a website, so we don’t make a website from scratch.. there is already a framework like that. . is it different from CMS? If it’s a FRAMEWORK, it’s just a template, meaning you need to determine the path, create a frontend, what website do you want to build… so you still need programming skills… while you just need to use CMS… even if you don’t have programming skills, you can do it website just a moment..

Is CMS Just WordPress?

CMS itself is NOT JUST WORDPRESS bro… there are DRUPAL, JOOMLA, PRESTASHOP, OPENCART, AURA, MOODLE … where each CMS maker has a CMS goal in which direction, for example if you look at PRESTASHOP above he focuses on ONLINE STORE, for example Moodle he focuses on educational forums.. and WORDPRESS which is more flexible, because you can use it for several purposes, For example, blogging can be done, you can do e-learning, you can also create an online shop.. but there are plugins like WooCommerce..

Even if you think about it, Blogger / Blogspot might also be included in the CMS category.. because we almost 70% CAN CUSTOMIZE … or hmmm maybe SEMI CMS this time.. hehe, because we can’t type in SQL dataBASE, there is no authority for that… wkwkwk “I said MAYBE” haha

How about CMS WORDPRESS without Plugins?

but remember… wordpress will be the same if no one makes a plugin bro… hehe, most of wordpress is playing with plug-ins… Some plugins are free, some are paid… some are forced… hoho,

3 WordPress User Models

1. He is very satisfied and Koar Koar that Worpress is more sophisticated… wordpress is more like that… but tends to demean other platforms… (sorry, for example blogger or the like)
2. Anteng players are targeted.. they know they have more resources.. but they prefer to focus rather than talk loudly, it’s not clear to waste energy, even if they share knowledge.. they are still friendly.. focus on sharing knowledge, if there is a comparison, it’s not people with the type of KOAR KOAR UGLY UGLY other platforms are NOT CLEAR.. so they only show some advantages for learning.. without the intention of demeaning other platform users.

3. They are the geniuses who create templates and plugins.. maybe they also contribute to Blogger too.. hehe, usually the people who contain it don’t talk much, bro.. let alone argue about things that are not clear.. not important.. where everything is under the guise of ” NEED RECOGNITION”. So focus.. focus on the Goal..

So.. which one are you?
Is it true that the impact of the openness of knowledge in the Globalization Era can boomerang… why? because there are some people who because he knows some things, he demeans people’s professions…
I’m sorry.. for example like this “Oh, I’m just playing editing like that!” ouch ouch… I hope the visitors are not like that. of such an attitude.

Oh yes, why do I separate points 1, 2 and 3? because points 1 and 2 are opposite… I hope VISITOR’s friends are not like the first one… respect each other… whatever the platform is… you have your personal reasons why you chose that platform.

Bloggers also play code, right?

Well.. isn’t Blogger the same… playing with the code? eh plugin.. it’s the same thing bro, the genius is the Plugin Maker.. really..

But have you ever felt customizing Templates on Blogger? so that the appearance of your website has a different identity from other template users? if you have, surely you will feel how stressful it is to tamper with the code in it, cannibalize code from other templates, edit CSS, add Javascript… yes, everything has its own complexity and fun… which you may not find in WordPress… if you are a regular user. … hehe, it’s different if you’re an extraordinary user… yup! theme developer.. ^_^ which obviously needs to master CSS, Javascript, Html… at least the basics… hehe :p

But once again I remind you… whatever the platform… it doesn’t matter, bro, the important thing is not to demean and bring down each other mentally, because each platform has its advantages and disadvantages… 😀 , you are free to use whichever one, you are free follow the advice of any mentor, for example this platform is good, let’s join.. you are free, yes or not.. because it is you who live it, who know your real background, yes.. you are alone.. basically my advice.. adjust accordingly your abilities. That’s all… hehe
Don’t let yourself be depressed later ^_^

Why do you even talk about WordPress, CMS, FRAMEWORK above?

I don’t mean anything, other than sharing knowledge and personal opinions about the unrest that I encountered.. DON’T KNOW IT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD IF our brothers despise our other brothers… that’s all… , so as a reminder… “Remember everyone can change…” so hopefully we can change for the better… ^_^ and at least the above discussion, I hope everyone VISITORIAN all a little can understand what the heck is a CMS… then what is FRAMEWORK…

OK, on ​​to the discussion.

Various Kinds of Software for Editing Blog Templates

this is the Software for Editing Blo Templates, which is summarized from time to time…

Did you know XML Markers this? If not, I recommend, this software can make it easier for us to edit blogger templateas well as other xml templates. Why? because here the structure of the tag head until body . All structured. This makes it easier for us to edit the xml template. XML MARKER Can be downloaded for free for version 1, for the next version, we have to pay. But for version 1, I admit it’s okay to edit the template. Moreover, the error detector is also okay.


for the appearance please check … like this, the installer file size is only less than 1 mb…


Wow, you must be curious, why is there a software called web developersurely you think this is a tutorial web developer…Hahaha, wrong…this is mozilla firefox pluginwhich can really help us in xml editing. Plugins who can directly collaborate with firefox causing plugins This is in great demand, because it is directly integrated with web browser. In addition, every blog element can be quickly identified and modified. If you give value, Rahmancyber rate 8/10. It doesn’t have to be long, just go ahead. Please go to download and installed.
Download Mozilla Firefox Plugin

Web Developer Plugin


Well, apart from editing templates, notepad++ is actually a PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT editor that programmers usually use, the small and light size is what makes Notepad++ attractive. NOTEPAD ++ is very useful to help edit templates. Especially the lines of code that make it easier for us to edit, and also the most important thing is FIND and REPLACE, they are very useful.. although in ordinary Notepad there are also yes…
directly KEPOIN at


Hehehe.. it seems that what I recommend as software for editing this template is more towards editing the program code.. but as I explained at the beginning… This Blogger template is the same as the themes in some of the CMS above, the most important is Atom In this case we can tidy up the program code, for example in this case XML. The Find n Replace facility is also a mainstay.. ^_^ – I usually use it to cannibalize template 1 with other templates.. (meaning don’t create templates from scratch.. ) We take advantage of existing ones..
The split window facility in ATOM EDITOR is the prima donna… anyway it’s good for pasting… haha, or if you really have the skills to make themes… this is perfect for helping your work… besides the main function is for web programming language editor.. hehe

Just visit

5. Templates GENERATOR!

Now, if you want it to be a bit more practical… actually for various kinds of template generators, I’ll discuss it here Various kinds of GENERATOR templateswhere not only real bloggers, but can also create CMS templates, hehe… the point is that you mostly DRAG n Drop.. so don’t make it from ZERO.. it’s almost the same as the Paste method above, only if it has a UI interface.. so it’s easier.. whereas how to paste and collaborate with several templates, it requires knowledge of CSS, JAVASCRIPT, HTML and XML… at least the basics.

But usually this template generator is paid, bro… for example, ARTISTEER is the cheapest 49 dollars, and even then the features are limited… if you want to go to

Ok that’s it for now, this time there’s software for the software that can be tested and enjoyed…hehehe.

Good afternoon.

Sorry if there is a wrong word in the writing, I didn’t mean to offend… staple kabeh Sedulur… hehe

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