Solving the error The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels on Shutterstock

If you play microstockso sometimes on the way to pursuing a career in the microstock world, they appear one by one, whether this error, that error, is stuck, how come this is how it is, oh, it’s rejected again…and there are many more problems that are also experienced by many microstokers that can be said”have eaten the bitterness of the world per microstockan“.

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Error The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels

One of these, which often appears in Microstock Shutterstockwhich is currently not only focused on stock photos and footagebut also to Vector, there are still many microstokers displaying their works… er selling.

Must be at least 4 megapixels

Error The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels, the error message “JPEG is under 4 MP” appears and occurs when uploading vectors, but also applies to photos or jpg images, especially if they have a low resolution level. For example HD size.

Take a look at this list.

Pixel to Megapixel Conversion

Pixels (px) Megapixels (MP)
300000 px 0.3 MP
900000 px 0.9 MP
1000000 px 1 MP
2000000 px 2 MP
4000000 px 4 MP
5000000 px 5 MP
6000000 px 6 MP
7200000 px 7.2 MP
8000000 px 8 MP
10000000 px 10 MP
12000000 px 12 MP
12100000 px 12.1 MP
12300000 px 12.3 MP
13000000 px 13 MP
14100000 px 14.1 MP
16000000 px 16 MP
20000000 px 20 MP
201000000 px 20.1 MP
24000000 px 24 MP
48000000 px 48 MP
50000000 px 50 MP
64000000 px 64 MP
100000000 px 100 MP
576000000 px 576 MP
600000000 px 600 MP

All jpeg images must be at least 4 MP (megapixels) as described by shutterstock when an error occurs, but preferably 5 MP or greater and set at the highest quality setting to produce acceptable file dimensions for sending to Shutterstock.

Megapixels and megabits are different

Please remember that megapixel (MP) is different from megabyte (MB), because it refers to the dimensions and not the file size. To determine the number of pixels in an image, multiply the pixel width by the pixel length.

As an example:

2000 x 2400 pixels = 4.8 Megapixels. Files of this size are acceptable.

1200 x 3000 pixels = 3.6 Megapixels. This is smaller than the minimum size requirement on Shutterstock, and this file will not be accepted by the system (until it is submitted to review).The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels“.

If you’re sure your jpeg image is at least 4 megapixels, but the Shutterstock upload system says no, it’s very likely that you’re using an image processing software that automatically reduces the size of your image after saving it (Converter). Please check the settings in your image software and adjust them to save the image at 4 MP or higher.

Inkscape export JPG

My experience using Inkscape, when I was sure that the resolution should be appropriate….when I wanted to do it export to JPGthen I set it to a max size of “100”, so it’s not compressed…

inkscape compressor jpg

If you received this message while uploading a vector filethis means that your EPS and JPEG preview files are separated during upload and your raster file is smaller than the 4 MP requirement.

This often happens when I apply a shadow-like effect in Inkscape… it ends up like that…, but after I remove the shadow… then everything is normal, and the file is accepted…

Reference Source : Help Shutterstock

So the solution to the error problem The size of your artwork (not the size of the artboard) must be at least 4 megapixels on Shutterstock

  1. Try Check Conversion Pixel to Mega Pixels you.. 🙂 just multiply it, according to the recommendation from shutterstock
  2. If you have done it correctly, then please check, in File Vector you, use effects or not? if you use effects, usually this will have an effect.. (I haven’t found a trick to get it to pass, although there is an effect, unless it is exported to jpg with a high resolution size… adjust the specified mega pixel standard.)
  3. Vector vector, raster raster…
  4. Try uploading 2 files… 🙂 the only EPS file, the other a JPG file… try to have the same name… and upload them at the same time… ( Freepik ama Dreamtime that’s it… awwwwww)

Those are some solutions that I can give… good luck.

Table Bonus! which is still relevant… 🙂



File Size (Pixels) Megapixels Maximum Print Size @200 DPI Maximum Print Size @300 DPI
1000X1200 2MP 8.0 X 6.0 5.3 X 4.0
2048X1536 3MP 10.2 X 7.6 6.8 X 5.1
2592X1944 5MP 12.9 X 9.7 8.6 X 6.4
3072X2304 7MP 15.3 X 11.5 10.2 X 7.6
3264X2448 8MP 16.3 X 12.2 10.8 X 8.1
3648X2736 10MP 18.2 X 13.6 12.1 X 9.1
4000X3000 12MP 20.0 X 15.0 13.3 X 10
4288X3216 14MP 21.4 X 16.8 14.2 X 10.7

Above is a table commonly used for photo enlargement.

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