Some of the Most Delicious Food Student Versions, Zone Buddy’s Favorite Food Is There or not? – Student Zone Hello, Zone Friends! How is the holiday agenda, has everything been done? Mimin as a student whose hobby is on vacation is quite tormented, because this year’s semester break is full of unfriendly natural dramas. Especially the Covid who never went back to where he came from.

But before that, Mimin wanted to ask the students, what do you think is the best food? Now in this review, Mimin will discuss the most delicious food according to students, let’s just read the following reviews!

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Padang rice

Illustration of Nasi Padang (Photo: Tribunnews)

While some people think that Nasi Padang occupies the first level of the best food, it turns out not to be according to the students. Because this one food can only be enjoyed at the beginning of the month for students, especially for students who are boarding houses.

Of course, Padang rice is not the first place for the best food for students, if you want Padang rice, just get ready at the end of the fasting month and break the fast with the promag and a glass of mineral water.

Angkringan Cat Rice

Illustration of cat rice (Photo: Idntimes)

For students who like to hang out at coffee shops, Nasi Kucing is an incomparable pleasure. Because in addition to the price that is suitable for the pockets of students, the taste is also quite good.

At least if you eat cat rice every day for a month, the monthly money will still be left to build your own cat rice warteg after graduating from college.

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Illustration of Indomie (Photo: Tribunnews)

In accordance with the jargon, Indomie is my taste. This one food is also a student’s favorite food. In addition to being cheap, fast, and also durable. This Indomie food is tight at the end of the month.

But for all Zone Friends, try not to eat Indomie too often, I’m afraid there will be long-term side effects. Since this is an instant food, there must be a lot of preservatives in it.

Free Food

Free meal illustration (Photo: Antaranews)

Based on a survey from Mimin who is also a student, free food is the most delicious and favorite food. Moreover, on Friday, there will be a lot of free food given as charity from the benefactors.

But don’t let my Friend Zone have the wrong intention, I’m afraid that I will go to the mosque to find free food, not looking for the reward for Friday prayers, especially for boys.

Some of the Most Delicious Food Student Versions, Zone Buddy’s Favorite Food Is There or not?

So Buddy Zone, those are some of the most delicious student versions of the food, what do you think about all of the most delicious foods? While thinking, my dear Mimin wants to go home first!

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