Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense

Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense
Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense

With the development of technology today, there are many business opportunities that can be done. There are many ways to be able to make money up to tens of millions of rupiah.

One of them is by creating a blog or website.

Having a blog can actually give you additional income. One of them is through adsense.

But in the following article, we will review how to successfully reach tens of millions of blogs without adsense.

1. Affiliate program

When you visit a blog and read some of its articles, chances are you will find sentences that contain promotions for a product, be it services or goods. It is a form of affiliate program.

There are many kinds of products, both digital and physical products. From the most expensive or the cheapest.

Currently there are many websites that provide services for product affiliates. Both digital and physical.

For those of you who make money from your blog, what needs to be done is to register on the websites of these affiliate providers.

You just take the available affiliate link. Then after that all you need to do is place the link in the article on your blog.

Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense

2. Enter the contest

To be able to successfully make money from your blog you can also do it by participating in contests.

There are many kinds of contests available, one of which is the seo contest which is the most popular test and is followed by bloggers who want to find additional income.

To enter the contest you just need to follow the set rules. There are many kinds of contests, both contests with small prizes to those with big prizes.

As a first step you can take part in small contests first. If you are already proficient, then you can enter even bigger contests.

By entering the contest can make money for you if you win it. The prizes offered from the contest are quite diverse, but not a few also offer prizes of up to millions of rupiah.

3. Selling blogs

The next way to make tens of millions of money with a blog without using adsense is by selling a website. Website prices can range from millions to tens of millions of rupiah.

There are even bigger ones than that. The prices offered on a blog or website are of course based on the quality of the blog itself.

The quality of a blog can be seen from the level of traffic visits, healthy domains and hosting, and others.

If you are interested in becoming a blog seller then you need to create a really high-quality blog so that it sells well. You need to learn about the criteria for a quality blog.

4. Selling products

The next way so that your blog can make money is to use the blog as a medium to sell products. It can be said here that you can use the blog as an online store.

Offer your product through a blog. If the traffic to your blog is high, automatically more people will see the promo on your blog and of course it will increase the chances of a sales transaction.

Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense

5. Provide ad slots

Providing ad slots also includes steps to make money from blogs without AdSense. In Google AdSense, the amount of income will be calculated according to the number of clicks made by a visitor. And even then, sometimes the amount is also erratic.

However, for the ad slots that you provide, the amount of fees can be set by yourself. In the online business world, providing an advertisement is also known as private ads.

There are many advantages when you use or provide an advertisement on your blog. In addition to being able to determine for yourself how much the advertiser has to pay, you can also determine how long the ad must appear on your blog.

That way you will have income without having to go through adsense. However, there are some important points that you need to pay attention to when deciding to provide ad slots on your blog. These include:

Your blog must already have high enough visitor traffic. At least your blog has been visited by thousands of people in 1 day.

Of course, advertisers don’t want to spend money to place ads on blogs that are empty of visitors. Therefore, optimize your blog so that it has many visitors who come every day.

Pay attention to the type of ad that you will offer whether it is relevant to the content of your blog or not.

If, for example, your content discusses beauty issues, then you can offer these ad slots on beauty products.

Also pay attention to the places where you have to place your ads. The position you choose must of course have enough potential.

Because of course the advertiser wants the ads posted on your blog to be clicked by the readers reading the articles on the blog.

Therefore, here you need to pay close attention to where the ad position will be placed. Make sure the position is really strategic and can be profitable for the advertiser.

What digital products can be sold?

Some Successful Ways to Get Tens of Millions from Blogs without Adsense

6. Selling digital products

Actually this method is almost the same as how to sell products. But the difference here lies in the type of product. If on the packaging above the type of product is a physical product, then for this one the product offered is a digital product.

There are many kinds of digital products that you can offer on your blog. For example, software, ebooks, templates and others. The sale of digital products can also provide you with income through your blog.

7. Review Blog

The next way is to do a blog review. This type of blog is still fairly rare in our country. By creating a blog that contains reviews of other people’s products will give you income from the blog.

The task itself is fairly easy, here you only need to make an article that contains a review of a product.

For the next you post the article in your own blog. Regarding the amount of money that will be received, it depends on the negotiations between you as a blog owner and the company that owns the product.

Of course, the amount of money is also influenced by how quality your blog is. If your blog already has very good quality with a very high amount of traffic, of course the product owner will offer a price that is not small.

Those were some ways to make money through blogs without adsense. For those of you who are bloggers, then you can apply these methods so that your income increases.

In fact, blogs do not only make money from adsense, but there are many alternative ways to successfully reach tens of millions from blogs without adsense.