Specifications and Review of Wacom One CTL 472 Pen Tablet Price 600 thousand

I actually bought this a few months ago One by Wacom CTL 472 (Small – the smallest version) because for larger sizes, there are CTL672 (Medium) and it turns out that there are only 2 versions available, actually I’ve made a video too but it’s still stored on the hard disk and hasn’t been edited because it hasn’t had time. Even though if you put it on Youtube, you might be able to increase the number of viewing hours…

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But I’ll take the potential first as an article on this “RahmanCyber” blog, because this adsense is quite heavy.. 🙂

Actually the reason I bought Wacom CTL this is as a pen tablet for drawing on Adobe Photoshop nor Illustratorbecause I have considered carefully, I want to buy one that also mirrors the screen, but because the budget doesn’t exist yet, so I bought a pen tablet that “fumbled” because we need to focus more…

Wacom CTL472
Wacom CTL472 recorded with webcam

Because apart from focusing on the screen, we also need to focus on our hands.. so this is for graphic designers like dividing the CAKRA… “Eyes” and “Hands” focus on both..

Actually, there are other pen tablet options from other brands such as XP Pen, Hanvon, Ugee, and Huion… which are equally attractive in terms of quality and price.

But that’s how it is, so buy the one One by Wacom, there is no special reason except that I really like a simple minimalist design.. this is just subjective, because we can’t compare without buying it…? so here we will discuss One by Wacom… what happens after buying? is the touch quality? how about delay? easy installation or simple? and many more experiences.. which are recorded here…

How About Wacom One CTL 472 Connectivity?

This tiny Pen Tablet can be connected to computers, laptops with the built-in Micro USB to USB cable that we get at the time of purchase (this is not from the store, but from the factory, because it is in the box, not outside the box.

– Even though I really want flexibility in cable issues, for example there are several cable options… Type C to USB, Type C to Type C, Micro USB to Type C… or at least the port is Type C… 🙂

What do you get from the Purchase?

Here I bought it at a shop that provides 2 price variants, some use bonuses and don’t use bonuses. Here I bought the one that used the bonus, because the price wasn’t that much different…

Those who didn’t use the bonus at that time the price was 599 thousand, while those who used the bonus 630 thousand,,

Bonuses: Screen Protector, Drawing Gloves, Pocket Bag

Then for what’s in the box, including:

1. One by Wacom CTL 472 which has a size of 210 x 146 x 8.7 mm with an active area of ​​152.0 x 95.0 mm

2. Stylus Pen (Made of Plastic – It’s quite light in weight – it just looks big)

3. Micro USB to USB Type A Cable

4. 3 Standard Pen Nibs for Changing Eyes / Pen tip

5. Quick Start and Regulation Sheet

Does One by Wacom CTL472 require a battery?

No, this Wacom CTL472 doesn’t require a battery at all because it’s directly connected to the PC with a Micro USB cable, I think it’s already running out of electricity. So you don’t need to think about buying AAA or AA batteries, because these are quite practical, just plug them in and you can use them.

What Computer Operating systems are supported?

Windows® 7, 8.1 and 10 or later… 🙂
Mac OS X 10.10 or later

Can the Wacom One CTL472 be used as a Pen on a Smartphone?

Can’t for now, I’ve tried in Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL, Samsung J4 and Samsung A50Sthe result is zero… aka can’t.. 🙂

So while the CTL742 saving version only focuses on PCs.

Then what if you want to be able to use the Pen on a Smartphone? You can buy a Stylus Pen based on the specifications of the smartphone screen you have, usually most of the Smartphone Screens are Passive and Capacitive, you can search with these keywords in the marketplace…

Because usually when the active pen has a pen, it’s like the Tab P205 that I discussed before here. I have discussed it in full with the video.

To know the difference between Active and Passive Pen, you can see my previous discussion, read here.

What do you think about the price of the CTL472 Tablet?

Regarding the price, I don’t think much of it, the Wacom CTL 472 which is a substitute for the CTL 471 educational tablet… and here I try to teach activities such as writing formulas, writing down points in real time (eg for motivators) if used for live streams this is very helpful …


I’ve tried combining it with OBS for Streaming, and it’s pretty awesome as a whiteboard replacement.

So for myself, I recommend the CTL472, because in terms of price and function… it’s all in… for the price it’s already widely accessible in all circles, and for function it’s also not much different from the CTL672 which is bigger in size…

Oh yes, This can also be used for ZOOM Meetings, Instructions for use here

Do I have to install the Wacom One Driver first to be able to start using the Pen Tablet?

To make it more optimal, you have to install the Wacom One CTL472 Driver first, even though actually when you plug it using a micro usb into a usb type A, this tablet can already be used for doodles.

Wacom CTL472 Driver Download here for Windows version

Wacom One CTL472 Driver Download here for MAC version

How to Install Drivers is quite easy:

  1. Plug the USB cable into your tablet and computer
  2. Download and install drivers
  3. Restart and follow the screen setup instructions

For Pen Tablet settings there is also a built-in Driver software… so we can set 2 Button Shortcuts on the Pen…

What Applications Have You Tried Can Be Compatible With CTL472?

PAINT using CTL472

PAINT using CTL472

GIMP using CTL472


Some applications that I have tried one by one and work well, including:

  1. Paint and Paint 3D
  2. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  3. Inkscape
  4. Krita
  5. GIMP
  6. Blender 3D
  7. Adobe Illustrator
  8. Adobe Photoshop
  9. Adobe Animate

How about WACOM CTL472 for Graphic Designers?

If you are asked whether you can or not, I will clearly answer Yes, yes… but for the level of difficulty, it really takes extra effort and concentration… you can see some graphic designer software that I have tried above, there is even software to make it animation like adobe animate.. in fact it can be used well..

If you want something that runs smoothly and can be maximized, you really need a direct screen and mirroring to a PC in real time… especially for working on frame by frame animation projects… hehe…

But all of them are “habits” maybe I’m not used to it… I don’t know the masters out there who can produce interesting works with minimal equipment possible…

But bro, there is an interesting quote that crossed my mind..

“If we want to be creative, the mind needs to be relaxed… if we usually use minimal devices with a budget that doesn’t burden our pockets… we will be more fluent in creativity… instead of thinking about debt, right… so, take advantage of what is available… that is within reach ..”

if you want a better device.. put it in your wishlist… hopefully it will be granted.. 🙂

May we be kept away from the nature of underestimating debt… amen..

Wishlist : I wish I could buy the CinTiq 22 DTK 2260 version…

That’s all, bro.. if something is added.. later it can be added on this page.. 🙂

Regards Repiuw.. Not Just Repiuw

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