Spicy Sour Gejrot Tofu Recipe

Spicy Sour Gejrot Tofu Recipe

Tofu gejrot is one of the typical Cirebon snacks that still exist today. This snack is made from fried tofu which is doused in various kinds of sauces or sauces, one of which is spicy and sour sauce. Curious to know the recipe for this delicious spicy sour gejrot tofu?

The gravy or sauce of this gejrot tofu can be said to be the soul of this snack, because it adds to the enjoyment of the fried tofu itself. Generally, this sauce comes from the stew of various kinds of spices that have been mashed. And this spice is then developed according to individual tastes.

Simple Spicy Sour Gejrot Tofu Recipe

For those of you who like spicy and sour tofu gejrot, but it’s hard to find gejrot tofu, you can make it yourself at home. How do you make a delicious and easy tofu gejrot recipe? You can imitate how to make this spicy sour gejrot tofu, yes!

1. Ingredients
– Tofu white to taste
– 1 clove of garlic
– 1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
– 2 Spring onions
– 2 tablespoons of tamarind
– 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
– Cayenne pepper
– Water
– Salt

2. How to Cook

  • First, cut the white tofu into small squares or according to taste
  • Then, fry the tofu until brown
  • Peel the red and white onions, then grind coarsely with salt
  • If the uleg seasoning is ready, you can make the gravy by boiling water
  • Put the brown sugar and tamarind into the water that was being boiled earlier
  • When it boils, please reduce the heat
  • Remove the boiled water and cool
  • After it cools down, mix the spices that you have pulverized earlier with the tamarind sauce and sugar
  • Add sweet soy sauce and chili pieces to taste
  • After the gravy is ready, go ahead, pour the spicy and sour sauce over the fried tofu pieces
  • Done! Spicy sour gejrot tofu, ready to be served.

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In addition to the spicy and sour variant, there are still many delicious gejrot tofu recipes. On the internet, there are also many recipes for tofu gejrot typical of Cirebon circulating, such as recipes for spicy tofu gejrot, peanut sauce, the style of the brothers, and others.

Recipe for Gejrot Tofu Sauce Ala Brothers

Of the several recipes for gejrot tofu sauce, the brother-abang tofu gejrot sauce is one of the most sought-after sauces. This is because the gejrot tofu sauce seasoning, although simple, is unique and delicious.
What are the recipes?

1. Ingredients
– Tofu white or pong
– 1 tablespoon Java Sugar
– Tamarind
– Sweet soy sauce
– Water
– Red onion
– Garlic
– Green chili

2. How to Make

  • Cut tofu and fry until brown
  • Roughly grind 2 cloves of onion, garlic, and green chilies according to taste
  • Boil water until boiling. After boiling, add the brown sugar and tamarind that you have prepared. Cook again until boiling then strain.
  • If you have, put the tofu in a container, add the spice paste and flush the tofu with the boiled water, brown sugar and tamarind
  • Done! Tofu gejrot ala brothers ready to eat.

So yes, a simple recipe for tofu gejrot that you can imitate. You can create your own gejrot tofu sauce according to what you want. Good luck at home!

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