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A total of five photographers from Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam will compete for the prize for a star shooting assignment in New York, and also attend the Canon photo clinic in Japan. Free. Wow!

So for that, they had to prove their worth in the qualifying round — three round matches against Justin Mott, an American professional photographer who lives in Vietnam.

Watch them every Tuesday night in the channel history or stream here!

This is a little leak of the photo face off episode:

Photo Face-Off: Singapore
Sep 23, Tuesday, 22:30
Rebroadcast Sep 25, Thursday 23.00

In this episode, Tan Jia Jun, a student will challenge Justin. The theme of this episode is commercial photography. The challenge is to keep the client satisfied and sell the product in 30 minutes! After that, Justin and jia jun will be taken to Gardens by the Bay — a place suitable for photographing anything, except the theme they brought (which is more suitable for doing in the studio). The final challenge is photographing the product while walking on an elastic string!

Photo Face-Off: Malaysia
Sep 30, Tuesday 22.30
Rebroadcast Oct 2, thursday 23.00

A humanitarian worker, Christy Yeoh who will challenge justin this time. The challenge this time was to take pictures with animals. The first round was to take pictures with the chickens on the farm that were left free. The second round is at Suria KLCC, they will look for and take pictures of vegetables. And finally, they will take pictures at the honey farm. With wild bees. Yeah, someone was stung four times here.

Photo Face-Off: Indonesia
Oct 7, Tuesday 22.30
Rebroadcast Oct 2, thursday 23.00

Whoa! Finally in our country! Willy Lesmana, our representative from Indonesia will challenge Justin in Bali. The first round looks easy: photographing the sunrise in Sanur. But can Willy take much better pictures than Justin? The second round will take place at Kuta beach, to take pictures of the surfers. And finally, they will take pictures of the cows racing at the Makepung event. How brave are they with these wild cows? Lets watch!

Photo Face-Off: Thailand
Oct 14, Tuesday 22.30
Rebroadcast Oct 16, Thursday 23.00

Richard Silaraks challenges Justin Mott to photograph a baby. And baby animals. The challenge was to photograph the happy faces of babies at the Ayutthaya floating market to bring them to Way Chaiwatthanaram. Finally, they will head to the Royal Elephant Krall Elephant sanctuary for their extreme challenge: pose and photograph two tiny elephants — who may speak Thai. Justin may be a professional, but he doesn’t speak Thai. Who will be the winner?

Photo Face-Off: Vietnam
Oct 21, Tuesday 22.30
Rebroadcast Oct 23, Thursday 23.00

The challenger from Vietnam is a clothing store owner, Hoang Thi Lan Phoung. The challenge will be at Tao Dan Park, where contestants have to ride a trishaw (rickshaw) throughout the park, and invite people to pose according to a set theme. Then they will head to the Cai Rang floating market to take pictures of the merchants there… while driving a bucket!

Photo Face-Off: Taiwan (1hr Season Finale)
Oct 28, Tuesday 22.30
Rebroadcast Oct 30, Thursday 23.00

In this grand final, the five contestants will gather in Kenting, Taiwan, the location of the film Life of pi. This time they will photograph Kenting’s extraordinary underwater world to photograph the cows at the windswept farm, Kenting stony brook. Finally, the contestants will take aerial photos. Not with drones or helicopters, but with Paragliding!

For more complete information, please visit the photo face off website. Have a good time watching!

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