Sponsored Video : Towards the Land of Barca

Barca, and Qatar Airways!

Hello Barcelonaistas! ¡Bueno cules!

In the past, when I was little, I dreamed of being one of the football players in Europe there. Play in one of the idol Spanish giants – Barcelona FC!

However, the fat in my stomach did not allow me to step on the gridiron for two 45 minutes. As a result, I only admire them from the small screen.

At the moment, maybe I’m not as lucky as Neymar who is just about to make history at Camp Nou – the holy land of para cules.

But, even though the dream of grazing together can’t be realized, I have a dream that can still be realized. Watch live at Camp Nou!

Imagine, watch FCB match live, and sing El Cant del Barça with 98,787 people cules from all over the world. Just imagining it gives me goosebumps!

Moreover, preparing to see firsthand my favorite team will crush its eternal rival El Real. This is the top of my bucket list. Los Blancos, i warned you! haha!

Luckily, after 114 years Barca never made a commercial partnership on the team’s main shirt, Barca finally chose Qatar Airways – one of the best five-star airlines.

This airline logo will be attached to the Barca team jersey next season, as a global sponsor official.

Let’s go to Barcelona with Qatar Airways!

My dream – to watch a Barca game live – may soon be realized by Qatar Airways!

Four days and three nights, staying at a four-star hotel, we can join the Qatar Airways cabin crew following a series of activities for Neyman and his friends until the match ends at Camp Nou.

Let’s be a part of history, on the ground of FC Barcelona: a place where red and blue have merged in the vein lining of them. A place where people share their love of football.

With Qatar Airways, Barca will become one of the best teams in the world. A Team that unites the world.



This post is sponsored by Qatar Airways.


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