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ipadguides.id – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with a horror story that will surely make you curious. Well, this time Sans will review a horror story at one of the well-known campuses, Pelita Harapan University (UPH) Jakarta.

The university, which is located in Tangerang, was established in 1994. It has an attractive architectural style, making this campus much sought after by new students. In addition, the story about the twists and turns of lectures and students is also very interesting to study. Moreover, a horror story that would be a pity to miss.

Like the story of one of the new students who had just explored the world of lectures and participated in a series of ospek activities, he had to meet a devil. Not only that, there are many other horror stories that have become urban legends on this campus.

So, so that you don’t want to be curious about the figure of a guard at the prestigious UPH Jakarta campus. Come on, let’s just start the story Sans. Eits, don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode. Happy reading!

At that time, Leo was still a new student at the UPH Jakarta campus. Precisely in 2016, he attended a series of lectures from campus. One of them is staying on campus.

From there, the story of Leo meeting the campus guard figure begins. This stressful experience that has happened for years has become a scourge for students at the campus.

A sunny day with a beautiful atmosphere, Leo happily participated in the campus ospek activities. His mood expands like a blooming flower. I don’t know what made him so enthusiastic, what was clear was that he was happy to be a student.

At that time, the Ospek committee had announced that the activities on that day would be held for a full day. Like it or not, Leo had to stay at the campus according to the committee’s recommendation.

Leo with his new friend, Adistya, a beautiful girl who gets a lot of attention. Adis is dressed in all fashionable clothes which of course is very compatible with Leo. A cute student with beautiful dimples on her cheeks.

During their break, the two of them sat in the courtyard of the campus looking at the beautiful campus buildings there. Suddenly, Adistya’s head popped into his head telling him about the guards on campus.

“You know it or not, it was said that there was a guard on this campus who said it was really scary,” he said.

“Well Dis, every place, no matter what, has a guard or not just this campus,” replied Leo.

“Yes, but I will discuss what is happening on this campus,” said Adistya with a frown.

“Hmm, I’ll let you be happy,” joked Leo.

Actually, Adistya learned the story of the watchman figure from his brother and alumni of the campus. If it’s described as being similar to genderuwo, I’m not sure if it’s true or not.

While Leo doesn’t care about watchers, demons, or whatever. Long story short, after a break they continued with other ospek activities.

As time was running fast, it was already 6pm. The committee also divided the students into several groups and sent them to their respective rooms.

This time, Leo had to part with Adistya. He must be in the same group with other students, totaling 6 people. Shortly after the distribution, he rushed to his room to get ready for the next event.

At 8 pm, all students must gather at a location that has been determined by the committee. The event this time was more relaxed than before, just singing enjoying the night and a blazing bonfire.

Leo had time to talk with one of the committee, just to get acquainted. He called him Sis Victor. I don’t know what they were talking about, so many people glanced at Leo and Kak Victor.

So immersed in the pleasant conversation, until Leo did not hear the order from the committee to return to their respective rooms. Yes, that day was late at night to be precise already at 10 pm.

Leo, who came back last after talking, got a little goosebumps when he passed the old campus building. He even felt like someone was following him from behind, but when he turned around there was nothing.

“Ouch, I don’t feel very calm, since someone’s been following me from the start,” he thought.

He ran a little to get to his room quickly. Arriving, Leo opened the door and was a little surprised.


“I’m already sleeping, where are the lights off,” he muttered as he turned on the flashlight from his cellphone.

Following his roommate, Leo also lay down on the place that had been provided. He tried to close his eyes while listening to the soothing melodies of classical music.

Leo is not a fast sleeper. When his roommate had fallen asleep to the point of snoring, he was the only one who was still moving here and there justifying his sleeping position.

Because he couldn’t sleep, Leo finally decided to watch YouTube. When the clock struck 11 pm, in the darkness Leo saw one of his roommates awake.

At that time, Leo’s friend wore a navy blue jacket that was barely visible due to the lack of lighting. In an instant, Leo saw his friend walking towards the wall next to the door.

Leo only pays attention to his friend who is wearing a jacket hoodies he reached into his bag for a tissue. He had remembered that his friend had the flu, so Leo was not surprised when he saw his friend.

Then, relieved to clear his nose, Leo saw the student walking back to his bed. It didn’t take long for his friend to fall asleep.

While Leo, who couldn’t sleep, was finally engrossed in his cellphone. He also had time to contact Adistya to accompany him. But zonk, the beautiful girl was already asleep in her sweet dream.

“So bored, can’t sleep anymore. What’s the fun in doing that,” he thought while playing with his cellphone looking for something fun.

I didn’t feel it, Leo had fun playing on his cellphone until 2 in the morning. He was surprised to see the clock which turned out to be soon morning. No less surprised, when Leo heard something.


Suddenly Leo turned and saw someone walking towards the wall. He thought it was his friend who had the flu earlier and probably got another tissue.

Srek.. Srek.. Srek..

His voice was so loud, that Leo’s eyes fell on his friend. Just like his friend earlier, the student was also wearing a jacket.

As if he couldn’t find what he was looking for, Leo’s friend again reached into his bag very noisy. Leo thought, his friend wasn’t comfortable sleeping with the flu.

But strangely, Leo noticed that his friend’s jacket was very long, different from the one he wore before. He also wondered in his heart, was he the one he saw in the dark or was he wearing another jacket.

“I felt like I was wearing a short hoodie, it wasn’t that long,” he thought while watching his friend’s movements.

Even though he felt something was off, Leo continued to watch the student in silence. Hope his friend doesn’t know that he’s watching him.

At that time, Leo peeked with narrowed eyes, looking as if he was sleeping. Even though he was observing whatever his friend was doing.


Leo thought, who had been staring at his friend who sounded like he was playing with a plastic bag. Unable to stand it, Leo almost got up from his bed and reprimanded the student. However, he gave up his intention until he saw the terrible scene in front of him.


The student slowly turned his head to face Leo. His body was shaking violently with fear, it wasn’t his friend but…

Leo, who was pretending to be asleep, looked really scared but kept peeking at the hideous figure. Suddenly, the figure stood up and raised his hand up and scratched the wall in front of him.


With its extremely long nails, the figure scratched the wall roughly. The creepy figure looked like he was very angry.

Leo got goosebumps hearing the scratching sound but every now and then he still peeked at the figure of the subtle creature. In the silence and complete darkness, only Leo was awake, hearing a strange sound, until he saw the terrible figure.

He was so scared that he couldn’t think of anything. He wanted to scream, but was afraid that the figure would turn his head towards him.

Deg Deg..

Because of his great fear, Leo finally closed his eyes tightly and no longer peeked at the figure. A few moments later, the scratching sound slowly disappeared.

Leo, who was still awake despite pretending to be asleep, slowly opened his eyes. Looked at the door and couldn’t find the figure again. Then he directed his gaze to the table at the end of his bedroom, it turns out..


The figure looked at him with fiery red eyes, suddenly the other friends had to wake up and turn on the lights.

“Why bro?” asked his friend Didgo.

“I saw the genderuwo over there,” Leo pointed out, shaking.

“Oh that,” he replied.

“You know that genderuwo?” continued another friend while getting a drink for Leo.

“From the moment I walked in, he was right there next to the table,” said Digdo.

The other students were just silent and exchanged glances. Likewise with Leo who still feels scared.

Until finally Leo’s roommate accompanied him until morning came. Leo didn’t sleep at all, until he was getting ready to attend the inspection closing ceremony and met with Kak Victor.

He told his horrific experience to his head, until the horror story about the campus guard was heard by other students. This story is also a tense and scary experience that Leo can’t forget.

spooky! The Story of Ospek Students Meeting the Guardian Figure of UPH Jakarta Campus

Hmm, I don’t know if anyone believes this story or not. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Leo? If so, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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