Sprint Planning? What do you have to prepare

Before we further understand what to do when Sprint planning, my best friend first knows what sprint planning is. Literally planning means “plan”. Yep, planning a sprint.

Sprint planning is a meeting that discusses the work that will be carried out during the sprint. How long and to what extent the product we develop during the sprint is discussed in the sprint planning. Sprinting without planning is like running a marathon but without a finish line, not knowing when and where to stop.

Sprint planning, limited to a maximum of eight hours for a long sprint period, or one month in duration. Sprints must be attended by all members of the scrum team and are collaborative.

At this meeting, the Scrum master is tasked with ensuring that all team members are present, and understand the purpose. The purpose of holding a sprint planning is to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. a) What is the Goal of Sprint
  2. b) What can be presented from the results of the current sprint
  3. c) What must be done to achieve the goal of the sprint


detail what topics should be discussed in the sprint? Here’s the presentation:

1. First Topic (What can be done in this Sprint?)

When this topic is discussed, the product owner describes the objectives of the product to be developed. The development team estimates the functionality of the work to be performed during the sprint and generates a product backlog to be worked on. The product owner provides an overview of which product backlog items, when done, will achieve the goal.

The number of product backlog items to be worked on during the sprint is entirely chosen by the development team. Only the development team can judge how many items can be completed in this sprint.


the development team estimates the number of product backlog items that will be implemented in this sprint, the entire scrum team begins to create a sprint goal.

Sprint goals can create an alignment between the development team and the product owner, which may not happen if each team member has their own initiative without a common goal.

id="3-topik-kedua-bagaimana-pekerjaan-yang-telah-dipilih-dapat-diselesaikan">3. Second Topic (How the selected Job can be completed)

After the first topic was completed, and all the product backlog items and sprint goals were compiled, the development team started thinking about how to develop this functionality so that it could be labeled as “done” work.

The development team usually starts by designing the system and the work that needs to be done. The work designed may have different estimates and weights.

The development team self-regulates to take on the work in the Sprint Backlog and the development team members are free to choose the work to be taken by taking into account their own capacities.


the development team makes a plan, the plan always refers to the sprint goal. When the sprint is running and it is found that the work being done is different from the work that was designed, the development team will collaborate with the product owner to determine the best way to revise the plan while still referring to the sprint goal.

At the end sprint planningthe development team should be able to explain how they will work together as a self-managing team to achieve the Sprint Goal.