Starting from just a dream since childhood, now Karlin’s mother’s life has been a success with

Not many women want to dream and fight for their dreams to achieve them. Mrs. Karlin(39)’s desire since she was a child seems far-fetched, starting from her desire to only communicate from her room, doing many things and even communicating with many people from all over the world without having to go to that country. And this desire he was able to realize since he met a technology that can change the world, namely the internet. Now Mrs. Karlin, who is a graduate of a Masters in Accounting from a private university in Surabaya, has successfully become an online businessman in Indonesia. Through the internet, now he is not only able to communicate with many people, but also generates rupiah coffers from it. And here is a snippet of a story from a mother who really likes reading this book.

So what made him get to this point? The following is a brief snippet of Mrs. karlin’s success story.

Can you tell us about the beginning of being an entrepreneur and what was your biggest sacrifice to become an entrepreneur?

Every day I diligently searching about anything. Until finally I want to earn from the internet. At that time I was very enthusiastic and diligent in creating a free blog with the topic of recipes. Self-taught learning accompanied by ‘Mbah Google’ is very exciting.

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Often seeing other people ‘show off’ the money flowing into their account because of an online business makes me even more curious to know how. Diligently buying tutorial ebooks and following several Internet Marketing Online Courses was the right choice for me at that time.

My biggest sacrifice is spending a lot of time in front of a computer or laptop to learn a lot about internet marketing. I stay up every night. During the day outside of working hours I also spend a lot of time in front of the computer.’s

business is what kind of business, ma’am?

The first product that I seriously sold was Mahkota Health Soap (Mahkota Lemongrass). The second product that was later successful was also Mahkota Indah Skin Whitening Soap. I am selling this Mahkota Indah Soap at the request of several customers. Because they got a very expensive price, they asked me to sell it at a cheaper price and original product. My main products are 2 Mahkota soaps, so I created an online shop MAHKOTAKU. At first I wanted MAHKOTA because someone already owned the domain, so I used the name MAHKOTAKU.COM.


am a soap supplier, so I don’t produce the soap myself. I take it directly from the factory so the price is cheaper. If there is a soap producer with good quality who wants to work with me, please contact me.

What background of the establishment that business Mother have this?

I am an accounting lecturer who happens to like the world of internet marketing. I often motivate my students to dare to start a business. Doing business online without capital, in my opinion, is the most appropriate for students. For example, selling online with a dropshipping system, of course, does not need capital to stock goods. At that time I gave free training to students. I don’t want to theorize in teaching online business, especially for the material on How to Trade Online Without Capital. If I have never sold online but taught how to do it, it must be just a theory. Finally I started selling online.

I didn’t have the product at that time. One day a friend offered Mahkota Sereh soap, he said, its properties were good and it was selling well. I’m not interested in buying it. But I am interested in becoming an agent. Long story short, I started by buying 1 cup of Mahkota Lemongrass Soap (36 dozen) because I wanted no capital so I looked for investors who wanted to buy the soap and I marketed it.


Lemongrass Soap is not known on the internet. Even the seeker is zero. So I try to educate potential customers so that they are sure and willing to use Mahkota Lemongrass Soap.

This process is very tiring. In the early months of running this online trade I stayed up late every night. During the day outside of working hours, I spend time in front of the computer to optimize the website and several blogs that have the Mahkota Sereh Soap Sales Page. My children sometimes protest, “Mommy, if you talk to her, she will still look at the computer”

So how do you market this business?

I market my products online and offline. But more focus on online marketing. I market it through online stores, websites, free blogs, free advertising, social media, BBM and other media available on the internet.

My customers and resellers are spread all over Indonesia. Orders come from big cities to small cities in Java and outside Java such as Kediri, Madiun, Bekasi, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Makassar, Sangatta, Aceh, Papua, Bau-Bau, Pangkalan Bun, Ambon, Pangkal Pinang… Wow, that’s a lot to mention….which is clear in almost all cities in Indonesia. In fact, sometimes the shipping cost is more expensive than the product price because the delivery destination is far away, but they are still diligent in ordering.

The most popular products are skin whitening products. Many people who crave glowing white skin. Those whose skin is less white want to be white and those who are already white want to be even whiter.

what is pthe best achievement you’ve ever achieved as an entrepreneur?

My best achievement is getting high trust from customers and resellers. Sometimes customers/resellers get offers for cheaper prices elsewhere but they don’t dare to order so they still choose to order at

What’s the most memorable experience ever Adid you experience while running this business?

Sometimes the wrong order is sent. I asked to be sent back for the shipping costs that I bear. But most of them actually buy it because they want to try to use it or sell it so they don’t want to return it and instead buy it. Wow, wrong shipping can actually increase turnover. But don’t use it as a trick… Deliberately wrong delivery can reduce customer/reseller trust, you know….

What challenges and obstacles have you faced and how did you overcome them?

The challenge I’ve ever faced was losing a website that was already page one on Google and on that website there were several Sales Pages of my products. The solution, I created a new website and optimized it from scratch.

what is rfuture plans what will you do to grow the business?

I want the main product to remain beauty/health soap and more and more variants of soap that I sell. Customers and resellers already know me as a soap supplier, so when they need a certain brand of soap, they will ask me. If I didn’t have the brand I asked for they would ask me to look for it. I also want to produce my own soap someday.

Who is the character that motivates you or what is the most memorable quote for your journey as an entrepreneur?

I was inspired by Anne Ahira, this successful online businessman started his career from scratch about internet marketing. Due to diligent study and practice, he finally succeeded with His permission.

The best advice you can give about the world of entrepreneurs?

Just do it and make it happen now, the creative ideas you have don’t have to wait for perfection. Because in this world nothing is perfect, perfection only belongs to Allah SWT. Weaknesses and errors can be corrected while continuing to perform.

Online business is a trust business. Build the trust of your potential customers. If they already trust you, they will diligently transfer the money to your account.

Do you think it’s important for an online store to have a physical or offline store or vice versa?

Online stores have good offline stores too. The problem is usually the high rent. While the Offline Store if you have an Online Store is very good. In this era of the internet, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Online Stores and Offline Stores need to be managed separately so that the results are optimal.

For you, what is the benchmark for a business to be ready to go online?

I think every business is ready to Go Online. Products in the form of services or physical products are all ready to be sold online. In the past, I used to do sales tests on various products and it turned out that they were selling well. It’s just that if you want to seriously focus on certain products at the beginning. My main products are Health Soap and beauty products, and once I tested it for selling Trasi Bangka, it turned out to be selling well too. It’s just that the demand is not high because the list building I did was for the target market for whitening and beauty products.

For you, what skills must an online business possess in order to grow?

The first, learn internet marketing, even if only a little. To do technical things, you can use outsourcing, but you also have to know the role of internet marketing.

Second, focus and keep the spirit. Online business is the same as any other offline business. This is a real business, although the work is made easier with the internet, but there are many things that must be done regularly.

What morning habit do you always do to start the day?

Pray. Humans try as hard as anything but the one who determines the result is Allah SWT. So the right choice is to pray that Allah will make good results for every effort that has been made to the maximum. After that I login to every online store to recap the incoming orders.

I also like observing other people’s businesses that have been successful. They have special ways that their competitors do not do so that they win the competition. Those are the specific ways I’m looking for and learning. This is what I often do to find inspiration for my business.

When you fail, what is the thing that lifts you up?

My goals and dreams. Make sure before starting a business you have big goals and dreams for you.

Wow, thank you very much Ms. Karlin for a very inspiring story. Hopefully it can be continued on another occasion. ️