Startup Business Is Difficult, But You Can Follow The Following 15 Phases

Building a startup to reach a passion and achieve progress is not an easy thing. Not infrequently a startup business actually falls in the middle of the road while still in the process of metamorphosis towards a more mature startup.

Towards the existence of a steady startup business does require more dedication for the owners. So, so that you Buddy Jagoan can execute your startup business more smoothly and hopefully succeed better, read the following 15 points.

startup business

1. Live in the future, ahead of your time. The hallmark of a startup business owner is an innovative person. He has a strong imagination of what it would be like to live in the future.

2. What is missing in your world right now. When you can imagine what it would be like to live in the future, then you will find a deficiency that does not exist in your world now. That’s an innovative idea.

3. So, write down all the ideas you find.

4 and 5. Then make a plan. Show your design to 100 people.

6. Repeat your design according to 100 people’s input until you think it’s the best.

7. Meet some of the co-founders. Get together with great people who might be your partners in developing your startup design. Even if they don’t, you have a great network of people to help you in the future.

8. Register your brand license, then calculate the required joint venture capital for your startup business.

9. Look for funds from outside (investment). At the same time, create the first version of your design (prototype).

10. Launch your prototype. Let everyone know that you have started something. Show off with pride, both on business cards, to your Facebook profile. At the same time, you must have your first customer.

11. Follow up on your customers. Are they coming back? If not, then repeat your design, then launch again until they are willing to be loyal to you.

12. If your first wave of customers is safe with you, now is the time to reach the target of 1000 customers.

13. Increase your startup business growth up to 5% per week. It’s hard at first, but you’ll find the best tricks as you go along.

14. Keep growing for the next 5 years. At that rate, you might have reached 25 million users.

15. Success. At this stage, you have escaped from the startup level and it is time for you to advance to the next level

In practice, the above steps may be reversed. Because the best way to be successful in the Startup field is through hands-on experience. good luck

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