Stay Active and Productive During the Current Mother’s Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed limited our space for movement, Mother. But, that’s not our reason to lazy aka lazy to move. modern mother must stay active and productive.

During the more than a year of the pandemic, most of the community’s activities in public spaces were severely restricted. Starting from schools, offices, to shopping centers. But now, the government is starting to loosen the rules because the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased.

Now, people can be more active and productive again. Like mothers in Makassar, South Sulawesi, who are members of MomToMoms Sharing. The community founded by A. Elly Rahma recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 10 October.

By theme From Mom 2 Moms, the event which was attended by 58 members was held at Swiss-Belhotel Makassar. Because it’s still a pandemic, of course the participants must comply with health protocols such as wearing masks, antigen swab tests, and so on COVID-19 vaccine.

Through this event, mothers are provided Tips for Caring for the Skin of Today’s Mothers in talk show with dr.Anindyati Retno Wulandari, from MD Clinic Makassar. In addition, members can also enjoy me time with various other exciting activities, Mother.

MomToMoms SharingMomToMoms Sharing 2nd Anniversary/ Photo: Doc. MomToMoms Sharing

There is a make up demo by Wardah, make-up challengeand sprinkled door prizes from event sponsors. This MomToMoms 2nd anniversary series is also filled with Zoominarwhich will be held from September 25 to October 17, 2021.

The theme raised is Know Your Mental Health, Personal Brand for Mompreneur, Mindfull Budgeting for Millennial Momsand Beware of Developmental Delays in Children. This Zoominar was attended by 100 participants, Mother. So much fun!

So, through this event, MomToMoms Sharing can realize the vision of being a place for mothers who smart and happy in the community on line. Apart from each other supportthis community is also a means of information about the health of children, infants, pregnancyparenting, lifestyle, and helpers, through social media.

Mother, also check out the news of artist Diana Pungky who is now busy running a beauty business, in the following video:

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