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So the story is that some time ago, I collaborated with Hotel Santika to create a travel vlog that featured hotels and tourist locations around them.

There are several cities, the city of Yogyakarta is one of them. If you are curious to watch it, please click play below, ehehe.

Anyway, apart from the collaboration time, I also had the opportunity to stay here while on vacation with my family in Jogja.

There are several reasons why I love this hotel so much.

The first is its location which is very easy to reach. If you know the Jogja monument, this hotel is only a few dozen steps from there.

Room Santika Premiere Jogja

From this monument, there are many tourist attractions. If you want to go to Malioboro and the palace, you can directly walk. There are also lots of food places around here. If the day starts in the afternoon, angkringan will appear on the left and right of the road.

Jogja monument in the afternoon

The Trans Jogja stop is also right in front of the hotel. So when I came from the airport, I idly tried to take this Trans Jogja. The cost is only Rp. 3500 if I’m not mistaken like Trans Jakarta. Directly in front of the hotel!

Swimming pool at the back of the hotel

Talking about Jogja airport, actually I’m a bit annoyed with this airport. At that time I was about 3x a month going back and forth to Jogja, then all flight schedules were delayed. In fact, once almost an hour in the air, circling over the south coast. Because the use of the airport must coincide with the military and flight schools.

Hopefully the new airport in Kulon Progo will be completed quickly so that it can run smoothly. It’s a shame for tourists…

front look

This hotel has a very Javanese architecture. Similar to a palace building. The building is not too high but elongated. There are 148 rooms in this four-star hotel.

In the lobby there are also many Javanese ethnic decorations such as statues, gamelan, and palace houses like this.

It’s fun to take photos

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. When I ordered an extra bed, what came was a full size bed with a cot. So it’s not an extra bed on the floor.

The breakfast menu is also very complete. In addition to the international menu, of course there is a special Jogja menu. Gudeg and all its toppings, godog noodles, and most importantly, JAMU are available in full.

complete chili
Complete herbs

During breakfast, the room was accompanied by a live gamelan played by an old lady who always smiled.

The mother who plays the gamelan

Not far from the hotel there is also the village of Code, a colorful village on the edge of the river which is one of the tourist destinations in Jogja.

Oh yes, don’t forget to try the gudeg typical of Santika Premiere Jogja. You can take it home with the barrels. Perfect for home gifts 🙂

Gudeg Santika Premiere

That’s it. I highly recommend if you go to Jogja with your family.

Thank You!

Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja

Jl. Gen. Sudirman No.19, Yogyakarta 55233 – Indonesia

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