Step by Step How to Endorse Influencers to Increase Your Sales

Stop doing influencer endorsements if you don’t have special knowledge about the right way of endorsement to increase sales.

Why should you stop using influencer endorsement services even though there are many benefits?

Well, this article will thoroughly answer all your questions why you should stop using the services of endorser influencers.

Before you know the answer, you must know what is an endorse influencer? Endorse itself comes from English endorsement which means the act of providing support for something.

Endorse is a promotion in the form of positive reviews about a product or service provided by a public figure (influencer).

Why are they called influencers? Influence in English has the meaning of influencing, so that an influencer himself can be said to be someone who is able to influence the public by giving a positive influence.

Or in simple terms, someone who influences many people.

Then who can be said to be an influencer? Someone who has many followers and is influential can be said to be an influencer. Influencers themselves are divided into 3 forms, namely:

Mega influencer: People who have millions of followers, for example, such as artists who often appear on tv, youtube or others that many people know.

style="white-space: pre;"> Macro influencer: People who have thousands of followers, usually not celebrities but certain figures who have interesting content on social media.

Micro influencers: People who have few followers, but are very close to their followers. It is capable of creating excellent conversion rates.

Step by Step How to Endorse Influencers to Increase Your Sales

The reason online businesses use endorse services is to promote the products they sell so they can increase sales. Here are the advantages of using influencer endorsements for your business:

style="text-align: left;">• Promotion media

By doing an endorsement, it has a positive impact on the business. Because the product will be known more widely. Influencers will market your product, so their followers will pay attention to the products posted by the influencer. From here you will get engagement in the form of followers, likes and orders.

style="text-align: left;">• Save Product Marketing Cost

You don’t need to be confused about what marketing to do. Because the influencer will review your product. This method is much more effective than marketing through television or print media.

Order increase

Influencer followers will see posts about products. So it is likely that these followers are interested in your product. Because an influencer is able to influence followers, that way you are likely to get an increase in orders.

Build trust

Nowadays consumers are very smart in considering buying a product or not. Consumers need proof whether your business can be trusted or not.

So it is appropriate to use influencers to introduce products and build the trust of your potential customers.

style="text-align: left;">• Niche market

Influencers themselves must have built their personal branding consistently with certain topics. For example, with content on health, sports, beauty, fashion, or specific things such as psychology.

Of course this will bring your advantage to endorse these influencers. Because surely the followers of the influencer have the same niche, so when the influencer promotes your business, chances are the followers will start paying attention to your product.

Get feedback quickly

The advantage when you use endorsements is to get feedback from consumers quickly. For example, when a post is published, you can find out how the performance of the content you are advertising is performing.

Usually you can immediately see from the comments column, where followers will provide criticism and suggestions or other support. So that way you can use it to see whether the endorsement has a big effect or not.

Step by Step How to Endorse Influencers to Increase Your Sales

So you already know, what are the advantages when you endorse influencers. But do you know how to start marketing products by hiring influencer endorsement services? Follow these tips:

style="text-align: left;">• Pay attention to the budget

When you have just built an online business, you should not rush to spend funds to hire endorse services.

Because the endorsement fee is not cheap, especially if you choose an influencer who has a lot of followers and often appears on tv shows.

Of course you have to spend a budget of millions to tens of millions. Try to increase your followers for free, or you can use micro influencers.

Determine the target influencer endorser

You must be able to determine which target influencers think are related to the business you are running or still have something to do with your business. Determining the target endorser influencer must be able to represent your target market.

For example, if you sell beauty products used by teenagers, you have to choose influencers who have the same niche as your product.

Try to endorse regularly

Using endorsement services regularly will certainly make your product known to many people, because it is related to the product branding process.

So try to do endorsements every 1 month or 2 times a month. This way you don’t have to convince your customers about the product you’re selling.

Provide funds for endorsement

You also need to separate funds. Which is used as funds for production, promotion or marketing funds and profit funds obtained. You can do this when you already have a stable business profit.

Make sure you have enough products

Don’t forget to pay attention to your product stock. Because when you endorse, many consumers will want the same product as the idol.

Pay attention to the quality of the content displayed

The content that you will endorse must be of good quality and attractive to market. You can’t just promote without first preparing the material.

Usually the influencer will ask for what kind of content you want, or the influencer will prepare it himself. This depends on the initial agreement.

However, sometimes influencers themselves have prepared rules or regulations when inviting them to work together by way of endorsement.

As a businessman, you certainly have to know how to choose the right influencers for the business you are running.

This relates to your goals, namely the occurrence of sales or sales. So you can’t just choose influencers who don’t feel like they have the same niche as the product you’re selling.

Guess how to determine the right influencer? Check out the following information:

Check the number and authenticity of followers

The first thing you need to look at is the number of followers on social media. A high number of followers will certainly make your ad more likely to be seen by many followers.

Eitss .. but you also have to pay attention to whether the followers are genuine or not. Because there are some influencers who use the services of buying followers to seem famous even though the followers are fake.

Then how to see the authenticity of followers? You can see the name of the account that follows the influencer, and check whether the account name is fake or not.

Usually fake accounts use weird weird names, and rarely post or even no posts at all. Another thing you can do, is look at the comments on the influencer’s account.

Engagement percentage

Engagement is the performance of an influencer’s post that his followers respond to. Engagement can be in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

This way you can also see if the influencer’s followers are real or fake. For example, tens of millions of followers but below 100 likes, it is most likely that the followers are fake.

Relevance to your product

To determine whether the influencer is suitable or not, you can see if the content they display still has relevance to the product you are selling.

You should look for influencers who are still in touch with your product.

Strategy per social media account

Of course, every social media account is different, because an influencer is not only from Instagram. It could be from other social media, for example, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even blogs.

Their marketing strategies are also different, for example on Instagram they use more attractive visuals, on Tiktod they use short videos.

Twotter uses tweets or those who are trending tweet series (threads), on YouTube using video content with attractive thumbnail images.

So you can consider these things, what kind of influencers can you choose.

Step by Step How to Endorse Influencers to Increase Your Sales

Now when you know everything about influencer endorsements, also pay attention to the risks that occur when using this service. Because you don’t get bored, because you don’t understand the following things, including:

Marketing strategy is not strong

The factor that makes you boncos is that you don’t have the right marketing strategy. You continuously advertise your product without introducing your business. So it’s the right thing for you to use the AIDA concept that was discussed in the previous article.

Less attractive offers

One of the conditions for your sales to increase is an attractive offer. This can make potential consumers glance at your product, you can make various promos such as Buy 1 Get 1, discounts, free shipping, or other things.

If the offer is promoted by influencers, of course your sales will increase.

Not doing research

When you decide to work with an influencer, it means that you already know the ins and outs of the influencer.

For example, how good is the social media engagement, or is it relevant if you endorse the influencer. So you don’t lose when you pay for the influencers you work with.

Unattractive advertising material

The mistake that many businessmen make when doing endorsement services is that the material displayed is not attractive at all.

So you have to know what kind of concept you want, and what kind of color template is appropriate. And don’t miss the caption that encourages people to pay attention to your business.

This is very important and must be considered carefully. Because usually followers will scroll to the bottom. If your pictures and captions don’t interest people, then you will lose potential customers.

That’s the reason why you should stop using influencer endorsement services if you don’t know the right technique. However, because this article has discussed it thoroughly, it is mandatory for you to try the services of an endorser by implementing this.

Although the costs incurred are mostly higher than other techniques, the results obtained will also greatly affect your brand awareness and sales conversions, if you do choose influencers who still have relevance to your business.

So, for that, try to apply step by step and avoid mistakes when using influencer endorsement services. How are you interested in trying endorsement services for your business?