Stereotypes of Final Semester Students Become Victims of Dospem’s Ghosting, Isn’t That Right? – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. As a final semester student, there is definitely a lot to do. Starting from internships, KKN, until the last is the preparation of the thesis. This final project is often a scourge for students.

In addition to being required to complete it on time, students also often experience other difficulties. One of them is often being a victim ghosting alias there is no news from the lecturer. Not only that, there are many other obstacles or assumptions inherent in final semester students. Well, if you want to know anything. Immediately check the following reviews.

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Victims of Ghosting Dospem

Illustration of being a victim ghosting dospem (Photo: Popmama)

Who feels like a victim? ghosting supervisor? I’m sure many of you feel that way. But it turns out that lecturers are not always as you think. Because, there are many other supervisors who are kind and patient in every process of preparing their students’ thesis.

Despite being a victim ghosting, you also have to understand every busy he has. The assignments and the busyness of the lecturers take up a lot of their time, so consider this too.

If you want to carry out thesis guidance, Mimin’s advice is to contact him in advance and prepare the material to be consulted. Do not contact him suddenly so that on the D day the dospem will disappear suddenly because of other activities.

Always carried away

Illustration of baper aka getting carried away (Photo: Fimela)

Well, the next stereotype that is often faced by final semester students is getting carried away by classic questions. In this case, not a few other people will ask about the progress of writing a thesis. This question turned out to make many students become baperful for a long time until overthinking for thinking about the script.

Moreover, the question of when will the thesis trial until graduation always ring in the minds of final semester students. Isn’t that right?

It seems that this assumption is true, but there are also students who are indifferent and don’t care about the question. It should be like this, because other people will not know what progress you have made. As a reminder, Zone Friends must also have a target to finish working on their thesis and graduation.

Feeling Abandoned by Comrades

Illustration of a comrade in arms (Photo: Hipwee)

This last stereotype must be felt by every final semester student, namely feeling abandoned by his own friends. Maybe the friend has very fast progress in working on the thesis so that they graduate quickly and immediately graduate.

Well, as a close friend, you must feel jealous and don’t even know what to do when your best friend leaves. Although this assumption is true, there are still many students who are not fooled by this.

Most of those who don’t feel that way will catch up and immediately catch up with friends who have graduated. So, keep your spirits up, even though you feel left by your comrades in arms, surely you can catch up to those who have graduated and graduated from college.

Stereotypes of Final Semester Students Become Victims of Dospem’s Ghosting, Isn’t That Right?

That’s Mimin’s review of stereotypes or assumptions about final semester students who are said to be victims ghosting supervisor.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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