Stop Desperate, Don’t Stop Dreaming – Student Zone – Many final students feel hopeless about the thesis or report they are working on so that it hinders their other dreams. Then, how long will the other dreams not be achieved? Can the phrase “Don’t Stop Dreaming” still work? relate?

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Thesis is not the end of everything

Illustration of stress on the final project (Photo: GuruEAP)

For some people, thesis or final project is everything. This is because one of the peak goals of a person when studying is to finish and complete the thesis.

Various problems ranging from difficult to find a title, difficult to compose a background, processing data that is not finished, and many more. To be sure, this problem is an obstacle to the course of the final project.

However, have you ever thought that ‘finish’ in your final project means you will ‘start’ other tasks that are still in the form of a dream? Pandji Pragiwaksono once told a brief story about the importance of a dream even though currently there are other activities.

Pandji Pragiwaksono video footage (Source: Youtube Pandji Pragiwaksono)

In the video, Pandji says “Success for me is when I don’t regret anything I did before I died. Therefore, I choose to try my best so that I can achieve my dream in reality. Then, when I die, I will feel relieved because everything I ever dreamed of has come true.”

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That’s more or less Pandji said at the end of the video. This means, if you feel that an unfinished thesis is a form of all your dreams, will you stop dreaming if the thesis is finished?

According to Mimin, it’s okay to worry about the thesis or final report, but it would be better if Zone Buddy could control it, right? If you find it difficult, you can stop and choose to take a short break. If it is stuckyou can invite discussion with your friends who have the same topic.

That way, it will be easier for Zone Buddy to complete the final task and not forget about other dreams. So, don’t stop dreaming, okay! So that life continues to grow and progress.

Dear Final Students: Stop Desperate, Don’t Stop Dreaming

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