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Kasepuhan Palace

If only Mas Hadi, the person who took us around Cirebon, hadn’t told us that behind this market there is a palace, maybe we would never have found this Kasepuhan Palace.

“Maybe some Cirebon people don’t even know the exact location of this palace,” said Mas Hadi.

Cirebon market atmosphere

The palace is always inseparable from the market. Because the market is part of the Palace. However, the kasepuhan palace seems like only a small part of the palace, which doesn’t seem to be very important.

Entering the palace, we had to go through small, congested roads, and muddy when it rained. Typical traditional market.

Inside one of the palace rooms

We walked around the palace and were immediately greeted by Robi, one of the residents of the palace who also works as a guide here.

That Saturday afternoon the palace was deserted, not many local tourists — let alone foreign tourists. “In the past, there were always a lot, but now there are very few foreign tourists,” said Robi.

One of the royal families we met

Mas Robi took us around the Palace. Starting from the first building that was erected, the sultan’s throne, to the mosque in the palace. If Mas Robi tells me everything ‘good’ about the Palace, this man with long hair with a Sundanese headband talks about the other side of the palace and other random things. Including gathering bloggers from all over ASEAN to promote Cirebon, hihi.

The ceramic plate decoration attached to the wall has many stories to tell.

While walking around the palace, I observed many ceramic ornaments with various unique images. Starting from pictures of durians, pictures of European buildings, pictures of Jesus, to beautiful abstract pictures. Maybe in the past the Sultan here received these ceramic gifts from abroad.

Ashbon. Original Cirebon.

Oh yes, before that I ate at Empal Gentong Krucuk. Because my Cirebon Express train was stuck at Cikampek station because the power was broken. So the air conditioner in the train was off for about half an hour. Hot! And for sure our lunch will be late. The Empal gentong mang Darma we were going to was already closed, so we went to Empal gentong krucuk which is said to be no less legendary.

Don’t forget the typical Cirebon empal gentong. Guilty pleasures.

Cirebon city is not big. It didn’t take long to get around it by car. “Everywhere in Cirebon, no one is far,” said Mas Hadi. Taxis here too rarely want to turn on the meter because it definitely doesn’t reach 20 thousand haha.

Talang Cirebon Temple

In Cirebon, apart from the Kasepuhan and Kanoman Palaces, we can also find old Dutch buildings such as the post office, the Indonesian bank building, and the BAT (British american tobbaco) building. Also some old temples such as this temple on Jalan Talang.

Cirebon has a beach. You can see Mount Ciremai faintly behind the clouds.

If only the sky was clear, maybe this afternoon at Kejawanan Cirebon beach might be quite dramatic because there is Mount Ciremai in the background. But don’t imagine a beach like Pink Beach Komodo or Raja Ampat. The beach here is just so simple, the important thing is to have a picnic and get together with family.

By late afternoon the fishermen were still (or just starting?) working.

I also had time to visit Taman Sari Cave Sunyaragi here. This is a cave, but it looks more like a temple in my opinion. It is said that in the past this was a place of rest and meditation for the Sultans. This cultural heritage, which is located on the side of the Bridgen Dharsono bypass road, is very instagramable, tuips.

yes ma’am
Sunyaragi Cave Sari Park

Don’t forget to close your day in Cirebon by tasting this rice wrapped in jamblang leaves. Black squid and jengkol balado are good friends with jamblang rice. Don’t forget them.

Don’t expect not to queue at noon at Nasi jamblang, Mrs. Nur.
Don’t forget to try the black squid side dish if you eat jamblang rice
Jamblang joss.

A day in Cirebon made me realize Cirebon is a very interesting destination for those of you who are in Jakarta and its surroundings to spend the weekend. But be careful, since the Cipali toll road has been completed, Cirebon has become very crowded. I think in the near future Cirebon will turn out to be very crowded. It will not be much different from Bandung.

Terrible greetings.

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