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“When Lebaran, Bukittinggi is very crowded. West Sumatran people who are village islands, all of them must go to Bukittinggi,” said Uda drivers us, when I say this small town is pretty quiet.

Bukittinggi is like Bandung’s Lembang or Jogja’s Kaliurang. However, it is quite far from the city center of Padang, about 80 km. A small town in the highlands with the cool air of the mountains. A suitable place for fatigue relievers. Before continuing my journey to the Harau Valley, I stopped for a moment at this place to enjoy the cool air and some warm pop chicken doused with sambal balado.

From the balcony of Bukittinggi city rocky hotel
A cold and gloomy morning in a small town.
It seemed cloudy that morning.
Hotel the hills Bukittinggi. near the clock.
Hours of gadang Bukittinggi Sunday morning after a drizzle.
Very unhealthy breakfast.
Pop chicken, sorry I made a mistake again…
Bukittinggi road atmosphere
Hotel Rocky Bukittinggi where I stayed. Rocky…how come his name is a bit like that hehe.
This is Rocky’s hotel room. Around 800 thousand per night
Rocky hotel swimming pool
It’s time to go to Harau Valley. But, does anyone know why the Roman numeral four jam gadang is written IIII instead of IV? 😀

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