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My white NX3000!

I was given a chance by Samsung to sample the camera entry-level their newest : Samsung NX3000.

This camera has a retro minimalist design, APS-C sensor (same as DSLR), only weighs like two smartphones, and most importantly can selfie Samsung lenses can be fitted line-up its very interesting!

What is the difference between NX3000 and NX300/NX300m

The NX3000 is a budget version of the NX300. One of the features on the NX300 but not on the NX3000 is touch screen and phase detection autofocus. Phase detection autofocus is the autofocus system used in DSLRs.

Phase detection AF is more reliable in following the movement of the subject (tracking). But for subjects that are static, or don’t move much, the NX3000’s contrast detect AF is just as fast as the NX300’s.

Built-in 16-50 f/3.5-5.6 lens with focal length the widest is 16 mm (24 mm full frame) enough to take inside and outside the airplane window when I fly to Jogja with some bloggers.

Good morning! I took this photo in HDR mode. This mode is great for dealing with too wide a light range.
Lazy blogger, mas @cumilebaycom who blocks the view of the sunrise.
Greeted merapi and merbabu
And finally landed….with a selfie.

Samsung’s jpeg-processing for skin tone makes the pimples disappear a bit. Especially in “selfie-mode” where the LCD is flipped forward, the effect of smoothing the face is felt. If you don’t like the “camera 360” effect, try shooting in RAW mode.

But, somehow Samsung’s skin tone is perfect for photographing women. For my face that looks like the surface of the moon, the taste is a bit mmmm…hehe.

The flipping LCD feature on today’s cameras is a mandatory feature for me, especially for cameras that don’t have a viewfinder. Besides being able to take photos from unusual angles, it can also be directed so that the position of the LCD does not reflect sunlight.

Flip LCD NX3000 can be directed 180 degrees to the selfie position, but unfortunately it can’t be directed downwards like its older brother NX300, nor does it have a touchscreen function. I prefer to use physical buttons instead of the touchscreen on the camera, so trimming this feature doesn’t really matter to me.

NX3000 with 45 1.8 lens. Want to know just mention @mozta_
nx30, nx3000 white, nx3000 black.

The NX3000 is bundled with a 16-50 f/3.5-5.6 power zoom kit lens, while the NX300 comes with an 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 lens with a mechanical zoom. For others only minor differences such as the LCD NX300 which is 0.3 inches larger.

The NX3000 is similar to the NX Mini: it uses a micro SD card type memory like most smartphones. This camera also has a battery with a capacity of 2033 mAh which is flat and wide. Oh yes, we can use a portable power bank to charge this camera! (but unfortunately Samsung doesn’t bundle a regular external charger).

The construction is metal for the top, and plastic on the body — although it looks like leather. Thanks to this faux skin, the NX3000 doesn’t look cheap, even though it’s the bottom line-up after the NX300 and NX30.

Then the wifi feature on the NX3000 is very helpful if we want to show off fast photos to social media. Well it’s 2014 after all…

And, the most interesting thing about Samsung cameras is, there is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 bundling! It could be a million more if you buy the original!

….. *claps*

Photo Quality

The photo quality with the APS-C sensor is unquestionable. Currently, we don’t need to worry about the sensor factor because any camera is more than enough. ISO 3200, even 6400 we can use without hesitation.

Photo quality is determined by the lens used. The 16-50 lens is quite good in sharpness and contrast, the autofocus is also very fast. For the second lens, I recommend using a 30 f/2 lens so that the bokeh effects can be seen.

NX3000 on the sand dune

When I tried this camera on a sand dune, the goldfish squid camera was a bit wobbly because a lot of sand got into the construction of the zoom lens, so the lens became a bit dragging. But after cleaning, the lens can run normally again. The NX3000 and the 16-50 lens are not yet weatherproof/dustproof. For that feature, I can’t wait to try out the Samsung NX1 with a 16-50 f/2-2.8 lens!

Parangtritis sand dunes
The nx3000’s autofocus is fast enough to capture the moment.

So, do you recommend the NX3000?

Absolutely yes! This camera is not even felt when we carry it so light. And looking at the past few years, I can hardly believe a camera this small has such a capable photo quality.

I’m also currently no longer using a DSLR because of its size that doesn’t want us to take it with us. With a small mirrorless camera like the NX3000, I don’t hesitate to take it anywhere.

Thank You!

Mas Irfan @ifnhr #akurapopo part 1
Langgeran Reservoir
Sunset at Langgeran Embung. The 16-50 lens has an interesting star effect and controlled flare.
Good evening Jogja…
tower towers everywhere
Samsung HDR mode and tilt LCD
Borobudur sunrise. ISO 3200 without a tripod.
Mas irfan #akurapopo part 2
Merapi from afar
Sunrise Borobudur, f/22 for star effect

Mas Irfan #akurapopo part 3
Raising a thousand flags at the foot of Merapi
August 17th at the foot of Merapi
All photo taken with NX3000, exif still embedded if you are curious. Thanks again!

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