Stories of Indonesian Women Giving Birth in Australia, Free & Even Get a Bonus of IDR 55 Million


The Indonesian diaspora certainly have many stories to tell about their experiences while in overseas. This time the story comes from Dwi McKinley, an Indonesian woman who lives in Australia. She shared her experience giving birth to her two children there, Mother.

Dwi had her first pregnancy in Bali, Indonesia. However, her Caucasian husband and family want their children to be raised in Australia. As soon as she was 6 months pregnant, Dwi settled there.

The first delivery in 2013 forced Dwi to have a caesarean section because her pregnancy was past the due date (HPL). At first, Dwi did not experience contractions. Once the membranes rupture, the opening also takes longer than normal pregnancies.

“The opening is only 3 or 4, my temperature is high and Isabella is already poop in the. The doctor said it was dangerous, he was afraid that he would swallow the poop. Finally brought to emergency c-section,” he said.

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When she gave birth to her first child, Dwi felt lucky because the Australian government issued a baby bonus. Thus, every family who gives birth to their first child gets an allowance of AUD 5,000 or approximately IDR 55 million. This had made Dwi feel surprised.

“I was just surprised when the doctor gave me the letters to sign. However, the payment could not be paid directly. So the payment was every two weeks, there were 13 (times) payments at that time,” said Dwi.

Apart from getting baby bonus from the Australian government, Dwi told me that there was another ‘bonus’ that made it easier for him and his family to spend money. Read the continuation on the following page.

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