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Street hunting in Bandung is incomplete if we haven’t visited Jalan Asia Afrika, ABC, and Braga. Actually, I’m bored too. But seeing the previous hunts that only ended up being “narcissistic”, so there are still many objects that have not been explored there. Well, this time I’m hunting with my photoST friends. But why are all those hunting new kids, right? Where’s the old one?? 😆

The rain was a little heavy, but I have told my photoST friends to bring an umbrella. The theory is simple: the left hand holds the umbrella, the right hand holds the camera,

so go hunting in the rain!

But it’s not that easy guys!

At least until I realized that my lens was only a manual focus lens, and if I followed the advice above my photos would be all blurry.

But I have a solution,

  1. Hold the umbrella with your left hand.
  2. Hold the camera with your right hand as usual,
  3. Move your little finger to the focus ring
  4. Look at the viewfinder, turn the focus ring with your pinky until it is in focus
  5. Ceprrret! So deh hunting rain – rain!

Note: – Only applies to normal lenses, for 70-200 and the like. Just forget it.

Okay enough, back to topic.

Our hunting route is along Asia Afrika Street, Bandung Grand Mosque, Banceuy Street, ABC Street, stopping by the PAF Secretariat, Braga, Mayor’s Office, Merdeka Street, Independent Fried Chicken, until BIP (but not getting tired).

Right on Jalan Banceuy, we stopped by the headquarters of PAF (Amateur Photo Association), the oldest photo club in Indonesia and there was a little sharing from om – om friends at PAF. Quite a bit of insight. When one of the PAF members saw my camera, he said, “Many photos don’t have POIs on them, so it’s not clear”. Glek. Hahaha.. I’m not really used to using a 12-24 ultrawide lens, so I’m a bit confused in determining the POI.

Well, I’m not really talented as a street hunter. It’s really hard. Those who are good at street hunting, invite me to learn. haha..

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Thanks for reading!

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