Strengthen me Lord, my husband’s love for me is not as great as his love for drugs


Hi Mother, actually I’m lazy about this story but I can’t stand it either. My mother-in-law is sick and there is no way I can tell her about this. Even my biological mother seems suspicious, but still me cover up because of my love for my husband.

Maybe it’s better if You know my husband’s background first. He was the middle child of four siblings, for some reason he was always compared to the eldest brother and two younger siblings. This is what seems to have made my husband rebel, even since his biological father was still around.

I remember at that time we were just married and husband invite you to stay at his parents house. At night, either they talk what, my husband was furious. That’s when he invite home, even though it was already 21.00 at night.

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After calming down, I found out that he was against the sale of the land. All family members agreed, only my husband didn’t want it on the grounds that the land could be passed on to our children in the future.

Yes like this husband’s family commotion. All family members are in one camp, my husband is in the other side, alone! This is the reason he ended up wear when he said he used drugs when we were dating. He said no thinking problems at home and a sense of irritation in the chest.

I used to be sorry pull he came out of the house of his fellow ‘users’. I cry begging him to stop because yes who wants people we love so much to be destroyed like that?

And, it worked, Bun. What’s more, that year I introduced him to a religious leader. It’s not easy, it’s NOT EASY at all to pull a user out of that hole! But we can, bud. At that time we both got through it until I finally agreed to get married.

For women who have been in my position, you know very ups and downs bring people we love to ‘realize’. Including opposition from my extended family. But I love him, Bun.

For approximately 9 years of marriage, we are still fine. However, my husband started to shake again during the pandemic because his frequency at home and his business was drastically reduced. Secretly when he came home to visit his sick mother, he putau there.

I know very ‘user’ feature. I slap him when I come to my mother-in-law’s house. He was crying apologizing for slipping again in the same hole.

Did I leave him, Bun? If Yes, where is the sacredness of our vows before God? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.

For me, he is currently in a state ofsickness‘. There’s no way I’d leave it, let alone for me the promise is eternal. Either way, I will pull him back on the right path. Pray for me, bud!

(Mother V, West Java)

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