Students Must Know, Google Meet Free Features Now Only Limited 1 Hour – Student Zone – Starting April 2021, Google will limit the use of the free version of Google Meet. That is, the maximum usage is one hour.

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Starting April Google Meet Paid

Illustration of Google Meet (Photo: Tomsguide)

This virtual meeting service platform was previously a friendly alternative for free users. In contrast to Zoom, which from the beginning has limited the duration of its use for the free version. However, starting April 2021, the use of the free version of Google Meet is limited to one hour. In fact, this kind of service is very helpful during the Corona pandemic, namely to hold virtual meetings

Initially, Google was going to implement this restriction in September 2020, but then it was extended until March 31. Until now there is no sign that Google will extend the free period of Meet.

“As a sign of our commitment, today we are extending unlimited Meet calls for the free version until March 31, 2021,” wrote Samir Pradhan, Google Product Manager, Google Meet in the official Google blog at the time.

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Only 1 Hour

Illustration of limited Google Meet (Photo: Tribunnews)

Starting April 1, the free version of Google Meet will be limited to one hour in duration. Even though users can still continue using it from the start, it’s still with a one hour limit. As for the paid variant, there is Google Workspace Essentials at a cost of USD 8. Users of this package can conduct video conferencing without a duration limit with a maximum number of 150 participants.

However, when compared to Zoom, the duration offered by Google through Google Meet is longer. Zoom itself from the beginning limited the use of its free service, which is a maximum duration of 40 minutes for each video conference.

Students Must Know, Google Meet Free Features Now Only Limited 1 Hour

For students who usually use Google Meet, get ready, because starting April Google Meet is paid.

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