Success Stories in Building an Agile Culture with Design Thinking

Success Stories in Building an Agile Culture with Design Thinking

As we know many organizations are facing many challenges. good news, design thinking can solve many problems so it is now widely used by businesses.

One of them is Ford, through D-Ford they use the principle of design thinking throughout his business. Currently, there are 5 D-Ford laboratories located in Detroit, London, Melbourne, Palo Alto, and Shanghai. This lab is dedicated to instilling four problem-solving mindsets into the overall Ford culture including curiosity, optimism, empathy, and collaboration.

Sandy Fershee, Director of the Detroit D-Ford Lab at Ford Motor Company told Forbes said that an important part of D-Ford’s mission is to help everyone at Ford learn and adopt tools new ways to improve the way companies achieve things. Success requires companies to move from theoretical learning to hands-on applications where employees use thinking design thinking to all the challenges faced. D-Ford works with groups within the organization to test concepts, prototype, and iterate design based on feedback user. If D-Ford succeeds, then agility Ford improved and the company became adaptive overall.

Of course it is not easy to change an organizational culture that is more than a century old, various challenges must be faced to create a culture agile in the organization. However, so far the company has felt a significant change from implementation design thinking. It was proven during the corona emergency, this car manufacturer quickly empowered resources to support the demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Within 72 hours, Ford brought the idea and executed the production of face shields for healthcare workers.

They successfully designed, tested and developed a prototype face shield that was approved according to guidelines from hospital workers. This also includes queuing up suppliers and selecting materials available from those suppliers that can be used for mass production of PPE kits. This American company also collaborates with several partners to make ventilators and respirators.

Design thinking is the method problem solving focused on customer empathy. in the book Change by Designauthor Tim Brown calls the method design thinking help individuals and organizations to be more innovative and creative. This method will also be a business strategy to stay relevant and desired by customers.

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Source: Forbes