Success Story of Santika, Owner of ASI Freezer Rental, Turnover of Almost Rp. 150 Million a Month


It’s unimaginable to have a business when you are married, give birth, and have a family. Apparently, this does not apply to Santika Wiguna.

Santika is a mother and owner of Ambubaba’s breast milk freezer rental business. Now, he already has nearly 1,000 freezers for rent. The rental rate for one freezer is IDR 150 thousand per month.

The woman who is familiarly called Ambu shared that the business she started in 2016 was based on personal experience. At first, she found it difficult to find a special breast milk freezer after she gave birth.

“Based on my experience when breastfeeding, it was a bit difficult to find a breast milk freezer. In the end, because my financial condition was not enough, my financial capacity was still low, so I was able to buy it at that time. second,” said Ambu, in ipadguides Live in Instagram @ipadguidescomTuesday (26/10/2021).

After that, it turned out that the problem did not stop there, Mother. When finished breastfeeding, Santika was confused because of the freezer Her breast milk is no longer used. Meanwhile, at that time he still lived in a narrow rented house.

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“Finally, I tried to offer it to a friend. To a friend’s wife who had just given birth. It turned out that she said she wanted to use it,” he said.

“But, he didn’t want to just borrow, he ended up renting it. At first he started (the breast milk freezer rental business) from there,” he continued later.

Not alone, Santika struggles to start this breast milk freezer rental business with her husband, Mother. It turned out that she and her husband had a hobby of doing business together since they were both in college.

“My husband is very supportive and we happen to have often done business together since college. His brain is even my husband, I’m just a puppet in front of him,” she said.

While building a business, Santika must have experienced the obstacles she often felt, Mother. Curious about these obstacles? Click read the next page, come on!

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