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Before I share, I will tell you how I (Hermas) have been maximizing Whatsapp for sales this year. I hope this story can inspire friends to apply it too.

Anyway, you can’t sell on Whatsapp as long as there’s a promo, there’s a pattern and there’s a way. Can’t be careless, there is a technique.

If friends follow the pattern, I guarantee that selling will not be difficult, friends will experience the closing continuously.

So this is it, since I applied the pattern of increasing the lead prospect (prospect pool) on Facebook and Whatsapp. I’ve had a lot of sales jumps. Not only does turnover increase, but there is no day without closing. continued closing.

OK, go on!

I used to use whatsapp just carelessly. Only selling, only from promo. Indeed, there are closing ones, but they don’t last long. In the end, it just sells fast at the beginning. After applying the pattern, closing millions, tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of WhatsApp capital can be repeated over and over again.

How to?
I apply a sales pattern and prepare it in advance.


this pattern, I can have almost 20,000 whatsapp contacts, can recruit more than 2000 resellers and close hundreds of millions only from Whatsapp.

So, here it is,
Facebook and Whatsapp are two must-have apps for selling online.
But both have different characteristics. Facebook can reach many potential buyers, but it has a weakness, it can’t save contact numbers. Unlike Whatsapp, WA can save contact numbers.

This ability to save contact numbers is the forerunner of list building on Whatsapp


are several important points that friends must understand when selling on Whatsapp.

I will start with PRINCIPLES OF SELLING ON WHATSAPP. Let’s see one by one.

1. Selling on Whatsapp CANNOT BE ORIGINAL PROMO, this is a mandatory principle. I guarantee that there will be fewer closings, right?


Don’t just spread AD SPAM in WhatsApp groups, especially in people’s WA groups. Guaranteed also a few closing. Even expelled from the WA group. There is a way to advertise on Whatsapp.

3. If you want to sell fast, combine the power of Whatsapp and Facebook. FB to reach many people, Whatsapp to collect contacts.

4. If you want to flood orders from Whatsapp, we have to have a lot of contacts, and don’t forget to SAVE MYSELF, so that in the future we can still chat with each other and of course we can broadcast promos, of course in the right way.

5. If you want to make sales on Whatsapp, you must be TRUSTABLE, or already known or have interacted at least. Remember the cold warm hot concept? This is the principle.

6. GIVING MORE Selling More. This is a principle that is always relevant in any sales technique. Including on Whatsapp.


Use MAGNET LEADS, as an inducement technique to get a lot of contact list data. The principle is, new prospective data list buyers will want to be our contact, if we provide MAGNET LEADS.

8. Apply COPYWRITING and a stunning promo title if you want to take a look at the promo. Boro-boro closing, just glance or not even our chat is not opened. That’s because the title of the promo doesn’t sound good.

9. Don’t forget SCRIPT SALES. A sales script is an arrangement of sentences to direct potential buyers to be able to penetrate the closing.

10. Collaborate with this sales technique: Japrian, blusukan in groups, temporary tensile building (WARM MARKET), permanent pool (HOT MARKET). Remember to stick to this principle. Selling will be difficult if you go to the cold market.

11. Remember SALES FUNNELING? Now in whatsapp marketing, sales funneling is mandatory. Remember that the flood of orders on Whatsapp requires preparation and the process of building a funnel, you can’t just save your contact number and it will be directly bombarded with promos.

12. Selling on Whatsapp will be much more pronounced, not when selling alone, but selling WITH TROOPS. The important principle of using Whatsapp is not just selling directly, but start building an army of resellers on Whatsapp.


Learn about FB Ads and organic FB. Use both of them to add a contact list to the WA list building faster. But remember, the principle is not to sell immediately.

14. The principle of selling on Whatsapp. SALE WITH RESELLER is bigger than SELL ALONE.

15. Perform all the above techniques with CONSISTENCY. Without this, the results you get will be minimal. Consistent pattern therapy, sales funneling wa, sales script therapy, interesting copywriting wa, building the right team and closing

Until here start to imagine?

I want to emphasize the first point today.
Don’t talk about selling on Whatsapp before you understand this principle.

All of these principles if you apply the results will thrill your turnover.
The key: apply the whatsapp marketing pattern correctly so that orders flood. I have applied it and feel the results.
Now it’s your turn!

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