Successfully Losing Weight 141 Kg in a Healthy Way, Influencer Reportedly Coma at the Hospital


Struggling to lose weight, a woman named Lexy Reed is known on social media as a diet and fitness influencer. The 30-year-old woman often shares her journey to lose weight with diet healthy and exercise.

Lexi started her diet in 2016, and she documents her diet journey on her Instagram. After two years of dieting, a drastic change was seen in Lexi’s body. In 2018, he underwent skin removal surgery to ‘cut out’ his sagging skin.

On her Instagram account, @fatgirlfedup, it is written that she has managed to lose 312 lbs or around 141 kg. Lexi’s struggle to achieve this significant progress has inspired many people, Mother.

I now have 1.2 million followers. Para followersHe also always enlivens Lexy’s inspiring sports and diet content uploads. However, bad news came to Lexi not long ago.

The husband, through Lexi’s Instagram account, reported that he was undergoing treatment in the hospital’s ICU room in a coma.

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“A few weeks ago Lexi was sick and couldn’t take any food. She then behaved differently so I took her to the hospital, where the doctors decided to put her in the ICU in a coma, she was on a ventilator, and told me her organs were starting to fail,” the statement said. Danny, Lexi’s husband.

He uploaded a photo of Lexi lying in the ICU with various medical equipment attached to her body.




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