Sullyon’s visual in NMIXX’s debut MV grabs the attention of netizens

JYP is promoting NMIXX as an All-Ace girl group aka 7 vocals, 7 dancers, and 7 visuals.

This means that each member has the ability to dance and sing as well as excel in visuals.

Regarding visuals, all NMIXX members do have a special beauty. However, there is one member who grabs the most attention.

Yep! It is Sullyoon. For complete information, come on, just read this article until the end!

The MV OO, which was released on February 22, 2022, has received praise from netizens. However, netizens’ eyes cannot be separated from Sullyon’s beauty.

This 2004-born girl managed to surprise netizens with her stunning visuals.

“How can there be such a beautiful girl. Sullyoon’s visual really surprised me,” said one netizen.

Since it was announced that he will debut with NMIXX, Sullyoon has indeed captured the attention of netizens.

He never fails to amaze netizens with his charms. Sullyoon is also predicted to have a beauty like her seniors, namely Tzuyu and TWICE’s Sana.

There is also a mention that Sullyoon will be the next Bae Suzy who holds the throne of the visual goddess of Kpop.

His visuals and talent also did not fail to amaze the big agencies in South Korea.

data-id="13">The proof is that before joining JYPE, Sullyoon had passed the auditions at YG and SM. He also briefly passed the audition for TS Entertainment and was a trainee for Woolim Entertainment.

That’s great, right? It’s so beautiful, netizens have said that Sullyoon managed to break the visual tradition of girl groups at JYP. Huh, how come?

Netizens noticed that the visuals of JYP girl groups are usually the maknae or the youngest member in the group.

For example, like TWICE, whose maknae is Tzuyu. Then Yuna is ITZY’s maknae and visual.

data-id="17">Then, in 2010 JYP also debuted miss A where Suzy was the maknae and the visual. In fact, Suzy even got the title of Nation’s First Love because of her visuals.

Therefore, Sullyoon’s election as the visual of NMIXX is considered to have changed JYP’s tradition.

data-id="19">NMIXX’s maknae is Kyujin who was born in 2006. While Sullyoon was born in 2004.

Do you agree with Sullyoon being the prettiest in NMIXX?

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