Support Collaboration, ‘Coworking Space’ Facilitates Networking Sessions for the National Movement of 1000 Digital Startups

Malang, February 16, 2017 – Having a lot of creative human resources, the city of Malang is now ready to become one of the digital startup ecosystems in Indonesia. Support from various parties ranging from the government, academia, to the private sector began to emerge. Not only support in terms of energy, but support is also given in the form of knowledge, namely through mentoring sessions which will always be accepted by the participants National Movement for 1000 Digital Startups this.

After going through the first session, namely Ignition the second stage last week, now more than 100 participants of 1000 Digital Startup Malang are ready to enter the next stage, namely session networking. In this session, participants will be facilitated to get to know each other and find a team to work with startup which they will build. Not only that, in this networking session, candidates startup founder Their courage will be tested in presenting their ideas in front of other participants and also the mentors.

That’s how important collaboration is in building a company

style="font-weight: 400;">startup the three movers who are now actively facilitating young people to build startups. One of the facilities that is currently being intensively provided is the co-working space or a place for startups to gather with a team, build their start-up company and meet new people to expand their network.

“We in the pioneer room saw that this was an opportunity, rather than you working in the boarding house and falling asleep, it’s better for you

style="font-weight: 400;">coworking space, Meeting with the same kind is at least the same goal,” said Brillyanes Sanawiri, as the founder of the pioneer room at the second Ignition event last Saturday.

style="font-weight: 400;">Like a matchmaking agency, co-working space not a place to just get acquainted, but collaborate to build a team for their startup. And session networking National 1000 Startup Digital Movement Malang is one of the places where the participants get to know a lot and find the right person for their team. In session networking This time, material will also be presented regarding team buildingby the CEO of Sinergia, Tyas Windarti.

Session networking will be held more than once, with the aim that each participant can get a team that is ready to fight together to build startups. Session networking it will be held in one of the co-working space

style="font-weight: 400;">new in the city of Malang, which is located on Jalan Sudimoro. This newly opened coworking space is indeed functioned to facilitate young people, especially participants in National 1000 Startup Digita Movementl to build startup they.

The many parties who support make the process of realizing a digital startup ecosystem in Indonesia, especially the city of Malang, easier to live. Working hand in hand and collaborating will make candidates startup ready to realize their dream startup. The same thing was conveyed by Rivan A. Purwantono, as General Manager of Bank Bukopin’s Business Development at the session di Ignition second yesterday.

“Of course we need to be solid for this movement, and for that Bank Bukopin is collaborating with KIBAR as the tech startup ecosystem builder to participate in supporting this activity and see opportunities from the existing potential. There is still a lot of development that needs to be done, so we must keep our spirits up and for the development of this activity, ”

style="font-weight: 400;">Said Rivan A. Purwantono

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